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    When I was young a friend pushed me into female teacher and nearby male teacher attacked me

    Friend pushed me into teacher because he wasnt seeing her, or so i think, its his fault anyway But what the male teacher did was worse. Basically hr coffee ended on her clothes and the male cuckold teacher did this to me: i didnt fug him up back then because no confidence and I thought this...
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    I have really big depression

    its related to my poor lifestyle and coffee addiction and also other mental issues it makes me feel weird Like not a part of this world anymore, more like a ghost
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    why fapping feels so good

    fapping is good because its just 5min and no woman needed x) in fact i think fapping is better than sex
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    i find it weird that people have energy to be extraverted and active

    i see this each day even now i hear some guys behind my window talking about some meaningless fluff and they even do it enthusiastically and women.. all women have this kind of energy, its like almost all women are extrovert
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    my mom weights 15kg less than me but walks like huge elephant

    BOOM BOOM BOOM... she stomps the ground.... I dont quite get that.. i weight much more but can walk quietly WHY is she walking like an elephant? How do I convince her to stop? This can be heard in whole house and its really distracting!
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    girl i have sex with is farting during sex and refuses to stuff her butt with toilet paper to stop it

    I mean she is always farting during vaginal sex and we dont know why?? So I told her that its disgusting both sound and noise and my peniss goes down so I told her that she will stuff toilet paper from now on in her butt for sex duration and she refused and called me stupid but she doesnt...
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    every woman is my oneitis

    it feels like every non-fat non-ugly non-calm* woman age from-legal-to-40 is my oneitis. there many women on my mind! many many. i sometimes check facebook of theirs. But not often. AM not cuck after all. * -non-calm is big one cause i am calm and with calm person it'd be boring it cant be...
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    theres one good thing about this chadcentric soycjety

    if youre not tall it may not work but if youre tall, ok looking, ok financially and fit and cool lifestyle and of course showing it well on your social media you will be getting all the women but I doubt ill get to this category
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    i think most men cant handle being co.cky and funny

    and they end co.cky and CRINGE which then makes them look disgusting
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    I dont get how gay can be gay

    how can they be attracted to men? men are so disgusting i think even women are not attracted to men physically but to the value they brings (except chad, he sexy) gey men are really weird, theyre not attracted to value but to other ugly men JFL :O
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    is liking masculine women sign of low t

    masculine, not fat mind you masculine may have somewhat objective meaning with general traits that overlap in minds of men but there are probably things that i consider masculine that someone else wont (and vice versa) anyway i like masculine womn i think its cus am low t. and there are not...
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    fit + tall + not ugly + ton of social media images and followers = getting laid with TONS

    we are becoming chad-centric society where the best guys will have all the women and most ppl here dont realize how powerful is rich social media presence it indicates huge status and ton of other positive things thats why i once did put ig account in tinder bio with 1k followers from fake...
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    all my life i was beta male

    idk how to cope with that i think its over.. cannot change personality
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    dont u think gender changing concept is weird as fug especially for non-gay people

    like what u gonna do, become tranny woman that is not attracted to men but women, so your a lesbian tranny now? :eek::eek::eek::eek: not sure how this works
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    Why my dad does not let me be a femboy

    I was testing makeup and my female friend's clothes in front of mirror and my dad came in from work (his house) and threatened to kick me out. Why would he do that? Like cannot he understand childs are not supposed to be copies of their fathers and have their own will indeed? I think he is very...
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    i have perfect face genes EXCEPT

    except: - my hairline - (not too bad though) - my haircut - only retarded hair dressers live nearby and they only do it worse, theres good one in the city center but hes expensive im also fit and tall so i havent been to haidresser for years.my clothes also suck though i think im good with...
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    are you aggressive or passive person?

    i am passive but i must become aggressive to destroy my enemies
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    why america has so many movements?

    ngl sh.its weird i mean all the black lives matter and other movements that pop up whenever some group is opressed or whatever its like citizens in USA have one main aim in life: to protest
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    i have to brush my teeth every 2 hours or they feel dirty

    gross. i dont know how to cope with this. can anyone relate
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    anyone else thinks its hard to build/gather status as male?

    maybe just string of unlucky events, but its kind of not possible for me