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  1. behimo

    Red pill moment on game of thrones last night

    When Cersei to Euron Greyjoy, "You want a *****, buy one," she says. "You want a queen, earn her." then proceeds to bend the knee and take it from Euron anyway after all that bravado. Women.. Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do indeed.
  2. behimo

    Inflated SMV and Hypergamy at work?

  3. behimo

    Anyone in the Philadelphia Area?

    looking for a wingman, or a different pair of eyes than my own :)
  4. behimo


    Hello Everyone, My first post. I've only been lurking these hallowed threads for a few days after reading the Book of Pook. A little background. I'm Korean-American. I was born in South Korea, immigrated to the US when I was a child. I was born out of wedlock and an only child. Mother a...