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    Let's talk Penny Stocks

    Does anyone here routinely trade in these? I've been tracking a lot of these lately and have been thinking about jumping in. I realize that liquidity can be a problem sometimes with these, but I'm wondering how often that happens. One thing that I've noticed is that penny stocks really MOVE...
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    The Beer Thread

    Let's talk beer. My favourite is Budweiser Budvar (not AT ALL to be confused with the rat piss that comes from Anheuser Busch-- that stuff tastes like ball sweat compared to this), also called Czechvar. This beer has a great flavor, is nice and strong with good head, not overcarbonated, isn't...
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    I think I dodged a bullet here (field report)

    This is a very good reason not to do online dating, b/c you will meet some really fvcked up people online. About a month ago, I tried out some online dating just for the hell of it. I created a profile at plentyoffish.com (its free unlike most sites and I didn't feel like paying for this...
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    What do you eat for breakfast?

    I eat oatmeal and coffee (not together). I used to eat cereal, but for some reason, milk started making me sick to my stomach (I don't know if I'm lactose intolerant or not, b/c I can eat ice cream or other dairy with impunity, it's just fresh milk that I can't take).
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    What exactly are you looking for?

    What kind of interaction with women do you want in your immediate future? I'm in the market for something long-term. I'm not quite ready for marriage quite yet, but in a year or two I would definitely start giving it serious thought. I've had my share of flings and short-term deals, and...
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    I guess that it's my turn to start a financial thread.

    (It's better to start something new at this point than to perform thread necromancy by digging up one of the old ones) I'd like to hear from Str8up and anyone else who has their sh!t together and knows what they're talking about. I'm getting ready to invest in real estate very soon (I'm...
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    Interracial dating

    How many of you guys do it, or have done it? Personally, have no problems with it. My feelings are, if two people are into each other, it doesn't matter if one of them is a different race from the other. My ethnic background is 50% British/ 50% German (so I'm as white as you could...
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    Deal making is already starting to pay off for me... (investment field report)

    I'm on the brink of acquiring my first real ASSET, with the possibility of getting my second right along with it. I recently formed a partnership to get 50% ownership on one potential patent, and I'm currently working on getting at least 25% ownership on a second idea that my partner has...
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    What Internet Browser do you use?

    I've used Mozilla Firefox exclusively since it's 0.7 release, and I haven't looked back since. Firefox beats the sh!t out of Internet Explorer in virtually every area from my experience... Tabbed browsing, extensions, built-in popup killer, etc. Nothing Internet Explorer has comes close...
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    What DVDs do you own?

    Post your DVD list, plus the ones you want. I own: 1. Fight Club 2. Aliens 3. Boiler Room 4. The Fugitive 5. The Hunt for Red October 6. Blade 1 7. Blade 2 8. The Terminator 9. Terminator 2- Judgment Day 10. The Lost world 11. Eraser 12. Platoon 13. Boondock Saints 14. The...
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    Tyson Quits

    http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news?slug=ap-tysonslastfight&prov=ap&type=lgns Damn shame it had to end this way. I was hoping that he would end his career on a high note--to become the old Mike Tyson again and fight like he did in his prime for his last match. I wasn't expecting it to end like...
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    Is it possible to be too powerful for your own good?

    Can these DJ princioples work a little too well? From my experience, they can. This is a problem that I've run into sometimes, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced it. When I first became a DJ back in my sophmore year of high school (little under 6 years ago) , I learned at an...
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    Strange mixed signals (Experienced DJS, please advise)

    I haven't been here for fvcking ever, since i've learned how to solve my own problems for the most part. All but this: I closed a chick 5 days ago. (I would rate her about an 8) I got the number, and I put it aside for a few days like I usually do. So far so good. My custom is normally...
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    She's so damn busy! (experienced DJs only please)

    I recently got back in touch with a chick I used to know back in High school. Basically, I was still an AFC back then, and I never had the nuts to talk to her back in the first part of high school, but I have become a whole new man since then. she was one year ahead of me and graduated a year...
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    Post your favourite date ideas

    I'm looking to add some new ideas to my dating arsenal, so where does everyone like to take their chicks for the second (or later) dates?
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    The Technique for Summoning A Surge of Confidence, Part II

    TO BE ADDED TO THE BOOK OF SHUMA GORA: ____________________________________________ THE TECHNIQUE FOR SUMMONING A SURGE OF CONFIDENCE, PART II CONVERTING YOUR STRESS INTO POWER The trials and troubles of each day often take a toll on novice and Master Don Juans alike. Stress...
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    I've been having a terrible week

    I've been having a terrible week up until now. Maybe posting this may help turn it around. While this happens over the span of last week and this week, it happened within the last 7 days, so it is technically a week. Last wednesday: Things were great until I got out my night class at...
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    A potential flaw I see in Pook's reasoning [merged]

    A potential flaw I see in Pook's reasoning After Reading Pook's response to Cesare's Sarging report post, i can see what may be Pook's archille's heel. Pook seems to base his philosophy on being a man and embracing extreme masculinity. This is good and useful, I do it myself. However, Pook...
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    The Über Don Juan

    I've found a fast way to quickly multiply your power to become a sort of superhuman Don Juan -- the Über Don Juan. This involves learning the knowledge of Other Don Juans to the point where you permanently absorb this knowledge and add it to what you already do, so you know everything that you...
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    Greatness-- how to achieve it (NEW content for the book of Shuma Gora!)