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  1. ragnarP

    Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega and Sigma

    Recently I have been listening to the Rollo Tomassi's podcasts on youtube and he had a whole breakdown of Vox day's social hierarchy. I'm not going to post the breakdown of what each category is as they are easily found on the internet. But I will share my experience although I know in some...
  2. ragnarP

    What women want in you

    Women want a man that is effective at promoting his self interest. So, she can win him over and become part of his self interest. For example, if you are dominant in your behaviour for your own benefit, she wants to be part of that benefit. If you are capable of aggressive behaviour to get what...
  3. ragnarP

    Home workouts suck donkey balls!!!

    If bench press is sex with a 9/10, push ups are jerking off with no lube to a memory of a drunken one night stand with a fat girl from 5 years ago. In the UK, we are more or less on lock down. So, I've been trying to do some home workouts that I found on YouTube. And it's no where near as...
  4. ragnarP

    Red Pill Reading Guide

    “I cannot live without books.” - Thomas Jefferson I love books for many reasons, one of them being the knowledge that I gain. However, here are few insights and things to keep in mind. Especially when reading books that can be referred to as “red pill literature” and/or “self-improvement”...
  5. ragnarP

    Patrice O'Neal was a true Master Don Juan

    Can we all appreciate him spiting red pill truths on mainstream radio, I live in the UK and he wasn't popular over here and I was a bit too young back when he was around so I've just discovered him now through YouTube. Not only is he funny af but he was helping other men with women from time...
  6. ragnarP

    Girls showing me pictures of their hot friends????

    Over the last two months or so I have noticed a peculiar thing that I cannot make sense of. It happened enough times for it to become a thing. Every time I am around a girl that finds me attractive but I don't reciprocate, first they try to find a way to qualify themselves (OK, that makes...
  7. ragnarP

    Real v Appearances

    Note*** I am this post for myself, I’m writing it to articulate my own thoughts so I can come to grips with an idea. Knowing that I might have an audience somehow forces me to put more effort into this. If it helps you, good for you, if not, oh well. The reason why I have posted it in the tips...
  8. ragnarP

    Meditation = SEX & POWER

    Got your attention now, huh? Imagine this scenario, You are waiting for the bus/train, or you are at the gym, or at a party. You look over to your right and see a hot girl, you instantaneously want to have her. You want to go over to her, but you can't. You are telling yourself that you have...