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    Emotional due to lack of options

    Lately I’ve gone from having close to an abundant supply of plates, to the point where it stressed me out. I then moved to a foreign country and started a job in banking, meaning that I work ~15hrs/day during workdays. This has lead to substantially less options. As the options reduced, my...
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    Best ways to move past a BPD / Gaslightee relationship?

    Following 6 months in a relationship with a Gaslighter (potentially BPD), I found myself having had enough and ended it in quite a mess - but at least it ended. The relationship from an emotional perspective can best be described as: Beginning _____/\/\/\___/\/\_/\/\/\____/\/\/\ NOW With the...
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    How to get rid of a BPD girl?...

    So I’ve had my first encounter with a BPD women, who I’ve been dating for a while. The red flags were all there, but I had never read a threat about BPD girls and didn’t realize I was dating one until things got too serious and then too strange. All the warning signs were there and I ignored...
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    Flipping the tables through (perceived) indifference?

    Indifference is often recommended when a plate of ours is starting to loose interest and we want to “flip the tables”. However, I am very curious to hear some personal experiences and cases in which this actually worked. How long had you been seeing each other? What was the background? How did...
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    Rebound guy

    Met this girl while she had a boyfriend (she didn’t tell me about him, and when I found out I basically told her she could contact me when she broke up). Anyway, they broke up, now we are seeing each other and the sex is amazing. I’m talking about a propper nutcase who’ll fulfill every little...
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    The negativity is poisoning the forum

    The negativity in the discussion forum is pure poison and mostly reminds me of sites like PuaHate or the subReddit “Incels”. I might be mistakes as I’ve only just recently started lurking the discussion forum and previously only focused on the tips and bible sections, but something is profoundly...
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    What was your single best improvement point that increased your success with women?

    Fellow DJs I’m very curious, if you were to pick your single most important improvement point that made you more successful with women, which one would it be? Let’s see if we can get an interesting discussion going with some good examples. Regards, /European
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    Sudden long-lasting feeling of insecurity ??

    Fellow DJs, For the past five to six months I have been experiencing a profound sense of insecurity. The insecurity is revolving around everything from my looks and heights (5’10) to my career aspirations and academic performance. However, there is no rational explanation for these feelings of...
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    Leaving the country for 1,5 years, should I go for it?

    I’m leaving the country in a few days for a year and a half. Therefore, I’m having a “leaving drinks” party at my local bar. There’ll be heaps of friends and a couple of former and present plates; also, there’ll be an old oneitis, who I NC’ed some time ago. Tonight my social validation will be...
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    How to proceed after ONS?

    I’m curious how you guys act the days after an ONS? In my way to recover from the loss of a girl, I went for a few drinks with a girl I had recently reinitiated contact with after 3-4 years (back then we didn’t have sex). After two fun hours I saw my opening and brought her home. Sex was good...
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    Personality > Looks?

    I am wondering if anyone else, who has spent a considerable amount of time on the dating scene, has encountered a similar change in their mindset. As time progresses, I am becoming more attracted to personality than looks; when I joined this site (18 years old) I only cared about looks. I...
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    "Side-chick" completely flipped the tables on me...

    Fellow DJ's, After long absence from the site, I am now back to get some guidance on a situation that I am very, very unfamiliar with. Background: I met this girl ~2 years ago, and for the last year and a half she has been the last thing on my mind. We casually hooked up every 2nd to 3rd week...
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    Anyone in Private equity?

    Hi fellow DJs! I'm interviewing for a private equity entry level position within a couple of days, and I was wondering if anyone on sosuave was in the field and could provide me with some hands on tips? Best regards,
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    Your reaction to indifference?

    I wanted to hear some opinions about indifference, and how you guys react to it? It's preached on sosuave that indifference is a great "tool" when dealing with women; and I must admit, that the girls that I "cared" the least about, where the ones most hooked. But does it work when it is the...
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    A little advise on Aussie girls...

    Hi! I'm currently at exchange in Australia, and while I do get some attention from the girls, I find them reacting completely opposite to what I usually use in Europe. Anyone have any advise on these girls? Thanks!
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    Not masculine enough

    I was hoping some of you guys could enlighten me, in my confused mind. For a long period of time, I haven't felt masculine at all, and today, the father of a girl I am dating made a joke about how "Un-masculine" I was, and how "masculine" the girl I am seeing is. - the not so funny part...
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    Zero commission stock trading

    Hi, I recently found this google venture, which is supposedly creating a smartphone and pc'based application, that will allow commision free stock trading. They however have a long waiting line for early acces, so supposedly you should sign up to the "interest list" as soon as possible...
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    A real man!

    Simple question, define a real man! Lately, i have been wondering how to define this? - what makes a true Male/Man? Discuss,
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    ... Women cannot be your first priority, nor your second, nor 3rd....

    A great post on getting your priorities right: A lot of people (especially new people) show up on The Red Pill wondering “What specifically do I do to improve my life?” They’re not looking for academic theory about women and power-talk and discussions about how ****ty women are and how...
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    Stop trying to control everything!

    I think this is a good read, and wanted to share it with you guys: Many detractors of The Red Pill find the men who subscribe to this body of information to be “controlling.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Red Pill promotes something that’s not immediately obvious at first...