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    Holding hands

    Simple question. Should a man ever grab his woman’s hand to hold, or is this beta and the woman’s job?
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    One on one

    Hey guys. So I have a situation. Recently I posted about my girlfriend and I having an almost break up. Came real close. I had started acting needy during the relationship, lost my power, and overly emotional. Since we had a fight two and a bit weeks ago, I’ve adjusted my behaviour MASSIVELY...
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    If you could read only 2 DJ bible entries and you had to read them 100 tines each, which two would they be? I’m needing to absorb some foundational material. Was going to grab Corey Wayne’s book and read two DJ bible entries reapeadtly Thanks
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    Strong and Masculine

    Focusing on developing ways to become a strong masculine man in my life. So it creates true desire with my girlfriend (or a future one if this one doesn’t workout). And I’m looking for ways to start my journey on this. The above is a quote from an article and it states what women truly...
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    Hello everyone. I’ve been a long time lurker here and have read the DJ bible a couple times so I’m quite familiar with it all. Still working on implementing it and having it be second nature. Found this site about 5 months ago. I currently have a situation which is leaving me in a state of...