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  1. corrector

    Class of 2020

    Generation Zers missed their graduation this year because of the Pandemic - so they put a virtual one up on youtube so they can have their graduation. We can also have it too because anyone can watch this and share the success with Generation Z as a society. Happy graduation, again!
  2. corrector

    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    Two words. There is a mass dream going around where people are getting this word. I've done some searches on youtube which corroborates with my mother's dream a couple of days ago. Mom believes something very bad is going to be happening around the world and that people should repent and get...
  3. corrector

    Blackpill experiment #1

    I'm planning to do a social experiment with online dating on a Christian site. I want to get thoughts and feedback especially from ethnics who are struggling to meet women using OLD. For one month, I'm going to take my whole dating profile and just make one change to the whole profile...
  4. corrector

    Smiling dating app-killer acquitted

    https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12295959 Guy met a woman over a dating app for sex and she killed him and she got acquitted. Therefore, be careful who you are meeting out there because she could be a murderous psychopath.
  5. corrector

    If you are obese and you catch covid then there is a problem

    I'm buying a scale to measure my BMI and ordered it from Amazon. Have to get serious about getting a handle on my weight and losing as much as I can. It turns out that fat people tend to get complications and die from this virus, particularly if the BMI is above 40, and even wouldn't want to...
  6. corrector

    How is the quarantine working out meeting new women?

    With the extra time and online access are you spending more time with online dating, meeting pen-pals overseas, trying virutal skype dates, or are you just taking a break from everything until the covid-19 is under control and restrictions are lifted?
  7. corrector

    My interest level dropped into negative territory

    Thought I had a prospect until I found out she was into astrology and tarrot cards. I swear I have to be careful about getting too girl-hungry and taking on any girl who is nice with me. This feels like a trojan horse man. She hugged me a few times when I was in the store and I was very...
  8. corrector

    Who is thinking of breaking no-contract with their exes?

    ....there is a pandemic going on, and nobody knows if you or her is going to be here tomorrow. What are you going to do? Going to go on an ex-contact spree or just keep them in the "moved-on, forget about them even if the planet explodes" box?
  9. corrector

    How would you respond to this cashier?

    I was paying for a credit card and this cashier volunteered information to me and said that she could not wait to break in an hour to go home but planned to go for a manicure afterwards (i.e. like she was planning her day out loud while I was infront of her). I froze up and was like, okay...
  10. corrector

    How do you afford online dating if feel like you are paying to get rejected?

    They have now released Disney plus, and I'm like also subscribed to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and local Cable-TV, etc... and I'm thinking how can anyone spend money in online dating when doling out this much money on streaming services and I'll probably get rejected on there anyway and waste my...
  11. corrector

    Man finds wife by calling randomly on the phone

    He called up this woman randomly, she picked up the phone, and they ended up getting married. He didn't have to approach allot of women but he had phone-game. People meet their future wives in many different ways. (At beginning of video, I was like wow!)
  12. corrector

    Can't get rid of mentally ill woman

    She kept calling so I put her on block. When I put her on block the police called me and said she was at the station and was worried that I was missing. Then I changed my number when the police started calling me. Next thing she is writing a letter to my Real-Estate office (ie don't know how...
  13. corrector

    Stranded girl asked me for help

    About a week ago a collage-aged lady (as it appeared) approached me just after I got in my car and asked me if I could take her to a city that was about a half hour - 45 minutes away. I offered her $ 20 instead. She had this cold/flu and had a big set of tissue and was sneezing and looked...
  14. corrector

    Was flirted with on phone by hot voice secretary

    I was booking a showing and this secretary started flirting with me on the phone, saying how her last name sounds similar to mine and started chatting me up a bit. I asked her name and said that it was "nice talking to her" and then hung up afterwards. I know hired guns at Real-Estate offices...
  15. corrector

    I get rejected at the Gym

    When I go on a threadmill next to a hot girl, they normally get off their threadmill within a minute or two of me going on it next to her. So rather than worrying about the 3 second rule or how to open her, I'm saved by the bell because they keep forfeiting their opportunity while I just plug...
  16. corrector

    Smiling fail yesterday

    I saw this pretty girl working at a store and it looks like she was noticing me. When we finally saw each other I attempted to smile at her. However, I thought it would not come up right and bailed and just turned away. Felt like crap. This girl ignored me the rest of the time I was at the...
  17. corrector

    Should I change my number to get rid of obsessive ex-gf?

    I met her from a Real-Estate transaction back in 2008 or so and we hit it off 2009. She is on scizophrenic meds and my family and folks don't like her and I just liked visiting her occasionally for fun stuff in 2010 and a few times early 2011. She called in July 1, 2011 and told me she...
  18. corrector

    Porn is named as the cause of rape in India

    Just saw this documentary called "Daughters of India" which starts off with the brutal gang rape of a girl and beating up of her companion inside a bus in India back in Dec 16, 2012 and the rape of a 5 year old girl that occurred around that time too. They said there was a proliferation of...
  19. corrector

    Superstition and Meeting new ladies

    I want to know if anyone can attest to any correlation between any action, thought or activity they have done in the past which you felt was some sort of lever and all of a sudden you met some new woman out of the blue and something happened, or what type of mindset would lead to that type of...
  20. corrector

    Groundhog day time-loop (if you re-lived the same day over and over, could you succeed)

    Movies out there like Groundhog day (i.e. and the more recent "Edge of Tomorrow/Happy Death Day"), explore a time-loop where the main character essentially dies, the day is reset back to the morning and they re-live the day over again until something breaks the loop. This concept had me...