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    I start to believe that tattoos are a good benchmark to measure women and cultures

    why? there is a lot of woman, having a lot of veting is not a issue, at least you have standards, I was alwyas turned off by tattoos, and always used that as a veting, having fun with one ok, dating serious one no way, plus I always see this and looks like she is dirty
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    Women triggered by older men dating younger women

    wasn't amber heard work on aquaman negate?, last I heard people send letters, and producers said ok she is off? guys remember, don't matter what you do in life, there is always people who will feel jealous, if you pull younger, older guys and older woman will feel jealous, and try to shame...
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    Woman I am dating is stressed about family issues, effecting when we are together. Options for handling?

    I would say let her vent and then do things who would bring her good feelings, something to make her forget. but in this case, the best to do would be let her fix her issue. when there is nothing you can do the better is let her fix her issues alone, the less she sees you the better, you sure...
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    you don't, simple put you don't trust anyone, you can test then to see if they are somewhat trustworthy in some degree, but take note people aren't, some somethings can be trusted, best thing to have in mind is no one do things if it don't bring some benefit to then
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    article: Sports Illustrated Features ‘Curviest Model Ever’ in 2020 Swimsuit Issue

    I never though the curvest they could find was something like a barrel shape btw it should sell like water now lol
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    define morality, morality is relative the same way your religion, is based on where and when you are birthed morality is a old discussion on phylosofical ground, you should read it, what is moral to one person is not for another, same for civilization and groups, its a moral thing to stone to...
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    could you start to make intelligent posts then i'm still waiting for those. no, is not unfortunally you belive in that tale, police force was made to enforce laws, the same way you belive they protect you, they will toss you ass in jail if the goverment said so, don't matter if was unlawfull...
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    Do you think that military enlistment is way down because incelibate men - and soldiers with cheating wives - just aren't motivated?

    not when I can disapear or I can get... waht is the word? join another country since my ancestry is from another country, so I would pretty much be a foreign. dead treats don't tend to work on me, normally I call the bluff, and if not, its I who will do the killing
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    everyone here knows you are a racist, but is kinda old call you that now also, police is not sworn to serve and protect, they are sworn to uphold laws and follow orders, with came from politicians, with in teory was supose to represent you, so if there is a problem you should start to vote on...
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    if that was the case wouldn't be the same for the police when this all started?
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    can't say for all asians, but for japanese they would, they fear to be seen as diferent from others, to call the atencion to then, little example I knew a woman who married a japanese guy and live with then in japan, once they was waiting in a huge line to put gas, and someone just cut the line...
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    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    well ther eis sky net next month lets wait for that first lol
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    for that statement I hope you at least saw that happen or are black, did you ever saw that happen or are just parroting what you was told?
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    made me remember someone I knew in college, he was a ginger, red hair and skin as white as a ghost, thing is, he walked and dressed like a bro, he also didn't like the police, because he did complain the police would stop him everytime he would be walking around, funny thing was I was never...
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    if that was the case we should stop answering you and brollin, but we still waste time doing so the question was answered, but he want to make it as there was no answers, because or he is that dumb or not being honest, both cases are bad, answer was given, he refuse to acknowledge and want to...
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    Do you think that military enlistment is way down because incelibate men - and soldiers with cheating wives - just aren't motivated?

    like I said no prospect, take note too, most country after you join is kinda for life, unless you discharge, it not like US who have a active and reserve, with the reserve still having to train every other year or so, other country you are FORCED to join when you have 18 to serve for a year, a...
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    Do you think that military enlistment is way down because incelibate men - and soldiers with cheating wives - just aren't motivated?

    I first would ask, why anyone in a sound mind would join the army? I can see this happening if you have no prospect om life and need to survive somehow, but given the chance and choice, why? we know we are just number for politicians, wars start and end by political wish, and most of time the...
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    Does dating a single mommy help a man develop as a man?

    only if developing as a man means, learning from your mistakes and never dating a single mom again, then yes, doing mistakes and learning from then will help you be better
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    you mean overt slavery, a marxism socialist regime is a slavery in some way, with from history alone failed, every time they push this, it eventually failed. for the lazy ones just see the moaning start when things start to cost too much and they luxury start to disapear. from where I live...
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    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    soooo, they want us to live like tribes killing each other and slaving the losers from others tribes? i'm up for it, just saying