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    Nc on a hb9

    Not gonna go explain the total story. But would it would be a good idea to just go nc on her for a day or two? I’m quite afraid she would just go to someone else and I’m done. Or would it spark some interest? Side question: if I would be her chad, what would my texting frequency be? Would I...
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    Explain me her behaviour

    Been texting a girl at work for a while now, we don't see each other often at work because of different workplaces. But yesterday we arrived at the same time and walked towards the building. Our texting has been going great, good conversations, slightly sexual from time (I don't ask her out...
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    Only being witty via text

    I’ve noticed I can be witty, but only via text. I’ve come to realize it’s because you have the time to respond and think about it. But then again I have days where I can be witty in real life with direct responses as well. Of course I’d want this in real life continuously as well. Girls like...
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    Can someone explain why I feel this way?

    Been texting this girl at work for a while now. Since Corona we're stuck at home, but we're in a mutual group chat as well with other colleagues. During the day, whenever I haven't heard from her yet and she says someone in that group, but not to me in private, I feel worthless. I feel like she...
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    What to do if you can't go to the gym for three weeks

    Due to the Corona virus, all gyms in my country are closed for at least three weeks. I can't even go to a shop to buy weights as they've been closed as well. I've been making some great progress lately and dread the fact that it will all go to waste, so I would like to minimize the losses. -...
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    How many of you have sought professional help (psychologist/psychiatrist)

    Due to some events the last month and a half, I've come to realize my mind is completely fvcked up and I tend to give it what it thinks is happening. Even though I realize what is going on and I know what I have to do (or should do), I can't fight it. Therefore I do think it's time for me to...
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    Don't know what is going on with this girl (and myself)

    Met this girl at work, together for a course for half a year but afterwards will work at different places but still see each other from time to time. First weeks of the course (about 2 months back) all was ok, we talked a bit, not that much as I'm still 'intimidated' by beautiful girls. But I...
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    Moving to a different area

    I've always wanted to live in the vicinity of where I live now, mainly because of family and friends. But even on this anonymous forum, it's very hard for me to say I'm 31 and still live with my mom (for personal and family reasons like last kid out of the house, father died at 12 etc...). But...
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    Some advice/opinions needed

    Hi guys This is going to be a long post so please bare with me. Lately I've been posting a lot of threads. I've been noticing a tendency in my behaviour on this forum and it's always the same. I tend to post some threads for a while, basically always about the same stuff deep down, but in...
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    Getting a hairtransplant or dye my hair?

    I'm 30 and am completely gray due to my genes, it runs in the family. Until I was 27 I dyed my hair. Then I just quit because of the time I spent at a hairsalon and because it's not that good for my hair anyway. But I honestly don't feel confident when I'm going out, you can hear people think...
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    Are all woman the same?

    Couple of years ago I worked with a girl at a bar. She was and is ugly, I'd rate her a 3. That plus the fact she was only 18 and had the typical teen mentality. Now because I had no attraction to her whatsoever, I basically did what I wanted. When she did something that I didn't like, I called...
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    Absolutely bored during the day

    How my life looks: I have an amazing job where I only have to work for an average of 5h a day. The trip there takes about 45m, so lets just say all included I work 7h a day. When I get home or before work, depending on the shift, I go to the gym. I spend an average of 1h there. But then I get...
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    Using a lot of supplements and health

    Hi guys Been going to the gym for over 4 years now, the results are not what it should be. Reason is my diet. I've tried eating a surplus of calories, but it's hard for me to eat more even though I'm full. So I tend to seek solution in shakes. But I have my thoughts about the health issues...
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    Solution to social anxiety?

    I've been forcing myself into more conversations, just talking more and trying to keep a conversation going by asking follow up questions. But I still have such low self-esteem that I feel it shows on the way I ask questions or try to put in a joke or a tease. When I'm at home, I feel good, I...
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    Quit drinking

    Hi guys Since february till about the end of september I've been drinking 2-3 beers a day. During the weekends it was even more when I was out with friends. Even though this was not extreme and I did this because I was emotionally a bit down, I felt this was not a good lifestyle. My work or gym...
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    The new year

    We all have our goals to achieve in the new year. I am one of them, but will I achieve them? Well have a look at my threads this year and especially my latest one. I will give it my very best. But, and I know this is a wrong attitude to start this new year, my hopes are very low. I am getting...
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    Imagining you're in a relationship

    Hi This may sound pathetic, but I find that imagining that you're in a relationship or that you're girlfriend is beside you, might make you realize how you need to behave in an alpha way. Yes, like I said, this looks like you're a 6 year old boy with imaginary friends. But perhaps this might...
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    Why is it only going downhill?

    Hi Every thread I post starts the same "I've posted many threads with this kind of subject". Well unfortunately this isn't going to be any different. I have some things I wanted. A high paying job and apparently I'm not that bad looking. But truth is I will trade it in the blink of a second...
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    Like my job, not the hours

    I truly love my job, but I have a very irregular work roster. One day I work long nights, the other in the morning, the other in the evening. But I also have to work on saturday and sunday. Which leads to the fact that sometimes I can join my friends for a drink, but can't stay long because I...
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    Investing money

    Hi I want to invest my money in stocks because just putting it on an account doesn't give you anything anymore. But honestly, I'm not interested in stuff like that to go start reading books to learn it. If I would be able to get an ROI of about 5-8% I'd be happy. I read somewhere this would be...