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    Anyone making money with dropshipping here?

    Although it sounds like its just "put up a web page and start collecting", drop shipping can be hard. Margins are razor thin and the internet is saturated. You need to get traffic to get sales and getting it organically is a major task in itself. A domain can take years to show up on the first...
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    Advice needed

    That really sucks. Although this hasn't happened to me, a good friend went through something similar. His marriage had come to a tumultuous end and he had (after a year and a half) finally gotten on civil speaking terms with his ex. He was six months into a new relationship when he got the same...
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    why fapping feels so good

    Just be sure to use kino and escalate. It works every time.
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    Should I break up with my gf (30) for being a brat?

    Ghosting for 3 weeks "regularly" seem narcissistic, especially if you don't know why you react to the extreme side. Go and get evaluated.
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    Is Anyone Actually Meeting Any New Women?

    Its not going to disappear after the election unless Biden wins and has a magic cure to inject into the water systems. Although it has become a political football in the US, the fact remains that it is affecting the entire world. Vietnam has something like 300 cases and ZERO deaths. Why? They...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    I met a girl at a bluegrass festival in my early twenties and had no clue that she was into me. I walked her to her tent and she was telling me how roomy it was with just her in it. When we got there she got in and told me to check it out. I leaned in and said something like "Wow, nice. Good...
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    A cautionary tale.

    @Serenity You are splitting hairs. Yes, I get it that she realized. My point was simply that what she realized is probably exaggerated to the good, making it even more intense. Nobody has 8 years of uninterrupted heaven. I had asked my girl buddy if her ex husband ever pissed her off and she...
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    A cautionary tale.

    I didn't communicate my point very well. Not entirely in her mind, but women (and men) tend to add more emphasis to the positives, while the negatives fade over time. Yes she had it good, but now its she "had it all". Either way, yes, too dumb to recognize what she had.
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    A cautionary tale.

    Yes, they will be tainted since the pool of available men and their changes in attitude will never resemble the dream man from their past that their mind has created. All will be compared and more than likely, verbally made aware of those comparisons.
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    A cautionary tale.

    My girl buddy told me the same story, right down to Her husband begging her not to leave in her 20's and having a more exiting branch swing lined up. Now 40's, a string of bad relationships, single, alone and multiple cats. She said leaving him is her biggest regret. Even with that, she still...
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    ****ing the world

    Don't get all wound up on this. Way back in school, this happened to me. A friend of mine who was standing nearby told me that the one girl said to the other " he is really cute, I would do him" the other was laughing about her comment. I was thinking the complete opposite. I zeroed in and...
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    Are men who have majority sisters as siblings different from others

    I have three sisters, one younger, two older. No brothers. I think it was most of the reason for my former blue pill viewpoint. They had no reason to play games with me or feed me any BS, other than just messing around. They all are pretty sharp, normally pleasant, all have science degrees and...
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    What do you do when someone you dont like tries to shake your hand?

    Give them a crush squeeze. I did it to a guy who was hitting on my girl when I wasn't around, but would act all friendly with me. Watching his face contort was priceless. My girl at the time thought so too haha.
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    Will this crap ever end?

    Article: Guy Gets Trashed For Shaming Girlfriend About Hairy Legs Just because he didn't complain before it got Sasquatch long, he is wrong? People commented: "Its Natural!" Well, so is armpit stink. Maybe he should go a week without washing his pits to get the point across and say to HER: But...
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    Getting pvssy in this Coronavirus

    Girl I have been dating here and there texted me that she was bored out of her mind and: "I had a fun thought. Up for mask sex? Kinky,kinky ;)" Now if I just knew where I could get a backpack sprayer full of sanitizer..
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    Getting pvssy in this Coronavirus

    Huh except the part about resistjng all known treatments. It also has no sign of disappearing. One out of three.
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    Is this girl stringing me along?

    Sounds right on the mark. She even put it on a silver platter by playing with your chest and asking if you had clean sheets. This was no mother Theresa and she sounds to have been waiting for you to tell her that she was coming home with you. There was no way you were ever going to "nice" this...
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    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    I have stuff to go and do, so you have time.
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    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    Didn't you just reference swine flu from 10 years ago to make a point? Known viruses? Thats the entire thing. This is unknown. Please show me ANYTHING that backs up what you are saying
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    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    I was actually going to suggest that you do the same. Some light reading: https://www.bcm.edu/departments/molecular-virology-and-microbiology/emerging-infections-and-biodefense/influenza-virus-flu