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    Married and having women friends

    and i am a scientist, you can trust me!
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    no. leave me alone!!
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    It’s cool, i honestly didn’t give it much thought other than the term made me laugh. same as spinning plates. it’s cute and i was poking fun. text comes off weirdly at times. :)
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    Yes, he text to ask if i was staying cool and some other banter. lol. it was kinda cute. i am really bad at following through though so if he makes a move i’ll have drinks with him. if not, i won’t pursue all. it’s not his fault i am just a bit lazy with “dating” and texting because i have my 3...
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    that makes sense and the replies were super interesting. i certainly don’t have a high powered career. lol. i am a medical coder that makes the average incomefor that job. i did think it would matter in the sense of how i view men with decent jobs. that they are stable, dependable, not going...
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    you’re entitled to your perspective. perhaps if you read the entire post you’ll “get it.” i am essentially making fun of the HB rating. i find it funny, and so was making a comment about mine going up and down based on arbitrary usage things when HB literally is “hot babe” and refers to looks...
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    it was a joke. no offense taken.
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    Had to stop the "Player" from coming out to play...

    Would you or your girlfriend ever consider opening the relationship? I don’t really believe monogamy works for long but a poly situation needs lots of trust and discussion and boundaries. I am interested in the advice your your fellows.
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    Okay, guys, thanks for all then convo and insight. i get it. :)
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    Swinger parties

    Swinging is super common and not really taboo anymore. It is prevalent in the hippy generation, so folks in their 55-60s now. If you are in that world at all you see how pretty much every married couple swings. I look at ir as something old folks do. lol.
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    Had Date with Milf

    Not at all. I am an introvert but find it easy to connect with anyone. I never really had anyone go silent. i just find there’s a lot to discover about someone else. listening is more important, and then there’s more to discuss after you have listened. conversation is a two way interaction but i...
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    Yup. Dating still sucks

    I get this way too. good thing there’s more to life than dating! Go do them instead. :) Sometimes you just need a break. Your complaining indicates you’re not having fun and that will come through to your dates and interactions. So just take a break, have fun and get your mindset peaceful and...
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    Had Date with Milf

    How can you run out of things to talk about? I’ll never get this and i attibute it to the person being boring themselves. There’s a million and one things to talk about in life with anyone. Finding a connection with anyone is easy and making convo is easy if you yourself are not a boring person.
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    Average to below average guys with decent women

    Women care about looks to a degree but no where near as much as men do. it’s not high on the list. in shape, yes. dress nicely, yes. HB5 is fine as long as you meet the other more important requirements. some of the most average or even not so attractive men become attractive in our eyes if they...
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    Girl acting squirrelly or does she think shes calling me out on something?

    This so much. if a man texts me too much, texts novels or wants to chat over text i lose interest. chicks do this behavior with each other and try to with men. it’s not manly behavior. it’s a total turn off. a simple “looking forward to seeing you tonight” works for me from a man. it conveys his...
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    Weird one from tinder

    Maybe her phone doesn’t have a front facing camera. poor girl. send her money for a new phone.
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    correct, it IS shallow. it is also fun like one night stands and buying hookers. :) We don’t all go for serious, LTRs all the time or marriage. Many of us just have fun once in a while. This is what i meant. Personally i don’t like these type of men because they tend to be needy, insecure and...
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    i still am impressed with him. he did many things right where he could have been creepy or just not even tried. that was the point of my thread. he was obviously nervous (and has a new GF) but seemed attracted to me and went for it. i was thinking of this forum as i was observing him. even at...
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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    i think you misunderstood me. you probably aren’t one of these men. they purposefully usr their wealth to attract women. they know what they are doing and so do we. i don’t know what they are looking for because i can’t mind read but they seem to attract gold digger types or younger women. it’s...