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    "I'm sorry I have boyfriend, I'm just a really nice person"

    I went to get some maintenance for my car. While I was waiting there, I noticed this beautiful blond girl. I got close to her, she started to play with her hair, and she seemed a little bit nervous. I moved around and talked to some people, I realized she was glancing at me, so I went back to...
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    If your woman cheat on you, it's your fault?

    Hi guys, thanks for reading! My biggest fear in a long term relationship with a woman is that she is with you not because she truly likes you, but because she doesn't want to be alone or because at first she saw something 'interesting' in you. What happen if she meets someone more interesting...
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    What are your thoughts on hiring a Wing girl

    I started this journey of "Self-improvement & awareness" very recently: Eating healthier, hitting the gym, getting hobbies, learning, reading, having fun, meeting people, etc. I'm enjoying it, I'm happier and more motivated to keep improving. I know it's going to take time and hard work to see...
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    Why is she acting like if she doesn't like me

    Thanks for reading me! I met this girl almost 2 years ago thanks to my mom at her church (she has been visiting the Jehovah's Witness church in the last few years), and they had become very close friends. I came to US 3 years ago with my mother. The first year I lived alone, but now I've been...