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    UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje

    going with my favorite muslim on this one
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    Anyone making money with dropshipping here?

    check you local library for awesome books very lucrative vs amazon online store
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    True alpha male in my opinion-eli

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    Best feature film in the history of cimema?

    the matrix/the crow/god father
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    Paulo Coelho your thoughts?

    not my favorite author more into fitzgerald london and dumas what are your thoughts
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    military personel only

    how was you experience while in either as an officer or enlisted
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    Mike tyson returns to boxing

    8 rounds max i tell you
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    Smart People Have Less Friends

    its all about emotional intelligence
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    awesome article on friendships

    dm me
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    Will Smith's Wife Jada Gets Entangled With Another Man

    nice guy who got played it happens even to the best of us
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    Smart People Have Less Friends

    makes sense i always keep a tight circle
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    What are your thoughts about women that are cops?

    well its always been my fantasy to hook up with one here in miami they are very hot
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    What do you think of this documentary?

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    How do you deal with your adhd?

    sounds like me
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    Reminiscenes of a Stock Operator

    awesome great stuff
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    The myth of 8 hours of sleep

    what is that test about