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  1. J

    She disappeared, Im puzzled

    The most common thing I read in stories like this is a random vacation taking place at some point. I'm betting going on vacation just means "I'm out banging 5 other guys and need to schedule your turn at a later time" (whenever the vacation ends). Take note fellas.
  2. J

    When she pulls back.

    I've struggled with situations like these because as a man I don't like it when things are out of my control and I don't like leaving things to work themselves out, so it naturally makes me want to chase so I can right the ship. I also don't like women I like to just come in and out of my life...
  3. J

    I have really big depression

    Actually surprised he's still allowed to hang around. Literally contributes zero but a couple of LOLs and WTFs here and there.
  4. J

    Did I handle this Right, Disrespect

    Because some dudes actually like a strong woman who can hold her own. Not everyone likes to be able to walk all over their woman. Of course there's a balance to all of this, If she's constantly being combative then that's a problem.
  5. J

    Final nail in the coffin for me, I need to rebuild my life

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your **** together. Get a job and move out of your parents house. Find a place that is within your budget so you can live comfortably and have spending money. That should be your number 1 priority. After you've done that, start finding another set of...
  6. J

    Do you tell her how much you make?

    How much you make is a pretty intrusive question. It has goldigger written all over it so if I was asked that question I'd turn it around and make fun of her for asking like say "oh wouldnt you like to know. Make or break huh?" If she can't move on from that, then it's time to hit the eject...
  7. J

    Does dating a single mommy help a man develop as a man?

    Women have brainwashed some men into thinking fathering someone else's children is manly, and that only a real man can do that. Which most on here can agree it's complete crap. What they're really saying is "only idiots are willing to put up with more bull**** than they need to". So no, dating a...
  8. J

    Am I the only one that does not get the hype behind Latinas?

    I grew up in Texas and have dated more than my fair share of Mexican women. I find they're more cultured and have strong family ties, making it a little more difficult to just sleep with. You have to really prove yourself which I then made the quick transition to white women. I haven't looked back.
  9. J

    Lamest Excuses

    "Im in a weird place right now" "I have this rule" "Im on my period" "Im scared because of the coronavirus"
  10. J

    Professional matchmaker gets out of the business because her (female) clients are too picky

    Not delusional. All the thirsty simps of the world have convinced them they're way better than they actually are.
  11. J

    Fuxked it up with the 'one'

    I don't think you did anything worth breaking up over. If she ended it over you casually texting other women, exes or not, the relationship was already doomed. Sounds like she had trust issues or she was too egotistical. She already said she believes she's a catch so I'm leaning towards the latter.
  12. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    Not deflecting. Just not going to continue a conversation with someone who is trolling. I don't give BS advice. I give advice based off my personal experiences. If you can't wrap your head around the fact that it's possible to meet women through guy friends, then I don't know what else to tell ya.
  13. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    Sounds like you either need new guy friends or just friends in general. I don't see what you're finding so difficult about this.
  14. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    Not really. I met most of them at the parties we would attend or in the group settings when we would go out for a live music venue or bars.
  15. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    Yes. I've moved twice and have met women through guy friends. Some of them were clients of theirs, some were friends of GFs, and some were friends from school.
  16. J

    Is cold approaching a fundamentally non-normal activity?

    IMO, it's less normal now than before. And also depends in what era you grew up in. I've cold approached women who seemed to be in their early 30s who were very receptive and social. Even when rejected, it was a nice rejection where I felt good about approaching regardless. On that note I've...
  17. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    Use your head. Perhaps they have friends who have friends. Or maybe you're new to the city and looking for wingmen to hit the bars with. It sounds to me like you get in your own way.
  18. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    The point of meetups isnt to meet women. It's to meet people. To grow your social circle. Once that grows, your probability of meeting women also increases. It's a pretty simple formula. As long as you're not befriending weirdos or people who give off negative vibes.
  19. J

    reddit post: Hobby groups are full of single men

    One of my hobbies is drinking and I meet a hell of a lot of women doing that.
  20. J

    How do you know when its a **** test

    Agree with this. I met a woman who was clearly considering branch swinging over to me. She and her BF were reaching the tail end of their relationship and I was the new guy in the social circle. She started off very flirtatious and wanted to hang frequently. Then the **** tests came. She started...