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    End it all?

    I feel ya op. I’m sick playing women’s game, but also sick of playing society’s game in general. This place and the guys here play and promote that game more than they will admit. Work extra hard to eventually retire at 70. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and risk your reputation in the...
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    Women are getting fatter

    Call me a traitor to the male species, but women with love handles make me drool
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    Women are getting fatter

    As a creepy feeder dude I got a boner reading all that...
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    Successfully getting laid a lot and sleeping with different women after 30.

    I plan to do it legally too. Go to a country that isn't rooted in ****ing religion and preferably where the exchange rate is in favor of the USD, such places are usually dangerous for Americans. Its still the less stressful option though lol.
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    Should I go to a brothel to get some experience?

    What country do you live in OP?
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    i dont understand why so many peeople make children

    This question makes sense. Kids are annoying.
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    Why do women overvalue their SMV?

    Because tons of guys want them anyway
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    What percentage of women 35 and under are attractive?

    Where did you get 20%? I said 90% of women younger than 35 (mainly in their 20s) were attractive and only 1% of old ladies were.
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    What percentage of women 35 and under are attractive?

    Pfft, are you kidding me? I find like 90% in the 18-35 range hot, but 99% 35+ repulsive.
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    "You're going to die alone."

    Everyone dies alone. Sure loved one might be around during the process of you dying, but your death is yours to face alone.
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    The hard truth many of you need to hear: 8 reasons you aren’t successful with women.

    Nothing about wealth/career here? Also the social skills part doesn't mention the part about thinking you're weird for some weird reason they either can't articulate or wont tell you.
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    Its really true what they say about your mid 30s

    Being single is a blessing in disguise
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    Find your leauge and play in it.

    I still haven't gotten laid, so save your congratulations. But I figured this all out on my own. Asking for advice online will always result in frustration because online nobody really knows your specific situation. Right now I'm studying for a degree so I am more focused on that.
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    Find your leauge and play in it.

    I disagree. While its true you gotta rank up in terms of leagues to get high value women, you need to be a higher rank than the girl to get with her regardless of her league. Hell I would be fine with a chubby girl, but they want a guy with abs or the social life of a pop star. Thanks to my...
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    Passive income

    My idea is less about being very rich and high profile and more about making enough passive income to pay bills for a reasonable living. And I know this whole thing will require a lot of time effort and money in the beginning.
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    Passive income

    These real estate guys are, so it was a good thread.
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    Passive income

    What do you think of Fundrise?
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    Passive income

    Is your point that all claims of making money online are bull****? I know thats not true.