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    This girl's interest level

    Hey guys, I've been meaning to get this girl(21yrs) who lives in another city, not too far from where I live. Since I'm now visiting in her city until Friday, I thought now would be a good time to ask her out. We have met each other once or twice before at a soccer tournament, about a year ago...
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    Renting clothes

    I feel like I would never personally do that because to me, renting clothes feel almost like cheating. I would hate to walk out in a rental and get all kinds of compliments and in my mind be like, ‘This is cool, but this isn’t mine”. 'Now I feel like an impostor of some kind. I’m not as cool as...
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    Why is girl fvkin on the first date a red flag?

    I've read some comments here regarding girls who are willing to fuvk on the first date. You are saying that those women must be avoided. But why is that? I think that it would be a red flag, IF you are looking for a relationship with the girl, but wouldn't they make a great fuvk buddy material...
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    Girl canceling dates at the last moment

    Hey, I met this girl a few months ago and we have since met about 4 times (and fvcked every time) in my apartment. She is 18 yrs old and to me it seems that she doesn't have any plans for an LTR, me neither so that's fine. But today was the second time she flaked at the last hour. First time...
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    Same activity for 1st and 2nd date?

    Hey, I recently went on a date with this exchange student who's going to be here for a few months(I study here). We live right next to each other (both have roommates tho), so we met there and walked 3km (~1.8 miles) to a bar in the city center. We spent there about half an hour and walked back...
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    Why shouldn't you have a relationship with party girl

    I know that everyone says that you can't have a relationship with a girl you fvcked after you met her in the club, but I don't remember nor understand the reason for it....can you guys elaborate? It may be that they are somewhat "wilder" than the ones who don't even go to clubs but isn't that a...
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    Girl calls out "mixed signals" from me

    Hey, So I have known this girl for little over a month now and we've had sechs few times. She's been very active from the start and have messaged me via whatsapp nearly every day. But I have only started the conversation maybe once or twice, and my response times have been from 30mins to 30...
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    Too lazy to go on a date

    Hey, So I recently fvcked a girl after club, pretty decent looking, would say HB6 or 7 and I slept at her place and we fvcked again in the morning. After that she's been showing a lot of interest, texting me nearly everyday, even though I haven't started the conversation with her more than like...
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    Do you go down on a girl after club

    So would you guys go down on her after club? Without showering first?