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    Blow it inside or no?

    I never came inside a woman's *****. My girl is on birth control and doesn't want kids at this moment. I know she has dated other guys that have blown inside her because she seemed a little perplexed I never have and said, "Well, I'm on birth control." It's not a big deal, but I just want to...
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    I'm pretty sure that this has been posted before I'm an Ecology major and one thing I've recently learned about is Altruistic behavior among animals. Altruistism - a concern of the well being for others without reward. Altruistic Behavior in animals is represented best by an equation...
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    Getting back to the game

    Trying to keep this short... Haven't dated anyone for almost 2 years, at least not long term or consistently. Found a girl who has many attributes I like and shows interest in me. We went out on St Pat's day, made out, danced, talked a lot. I just texted her to see if she has time for a beer or...
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    How did you start caring again?

    I have come to a conclusion that I've stopped caring about what people are telling me for the most part. It all seems trivial and I'm really only concerned with me. Anyone else feel this way? And the question... if you did, how did you change from that?
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    Woman with std

    Would you bang a chick you knew had an STD? Yes, condom included.
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    Question on how she should dress...

    Short back story - this older lady (over 10 years) calls and tells me her boy dumped her and we should hang out. Done deal. She just texted and asked... "Should I dress vamp or subtly hot? Where will we be going after (insert bar name)" How would YOU respond?
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    Who cares.

    Seriously, who cares.
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    One-itis, gotta vent.

    I'm trying to study for my test and for some reason I just can't get this chick off my mind. I want to, but I've definitely got one-itis going. What're your alls tips for getting passed it?
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    Help losing my belly

    I've started running and working out but I've got this small and diminishing spare tire. Should I just keep toughing it out and watch it disappear over time? Its not horrible, but I notice it, and thats what matters lol
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    Talking dirty

    Girl asked me to do this and the best I could think of was calling her a b!tch, wh0re, slut, told her she was getting f'ed cause thats what wh0res are good for. What else? I can't think beyond that, but I liked it, so I wanna add more things in
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    This little piggy went to market...

    College. Bio class. Auditorium style seating. Chick behind me put her feet on my chair, noticeably but not obtrusively. I turned around, eye contact, smile from both of us and I turned back around. She was wearing flip flops. I tore a small piece of paper out and wrote on it... "This little...
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    I've been a Christian my entire life. Born. Raised. Practiced. I played in church praise bands, gave testimony, even preached twice. ...And now I'm not sure what I think. I still believe it is true but I don't have the faith. And from what I've been told that makes me not a Christian anymore...
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    The company you keep marks you as one of them

    I've been friends with a druggy skank for about a year. Never really worried about banging her cause I am an elitist and I can do better than banging some drugged out loser. But I banged her. She is hot. 5'5 or so and HUGE double d's. And they are perfect. I never approached it, but given the...
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    Wingwomen.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qOh9B7SstY I have done this unintentionally, but they're actually paying for it. I think its funny that he says he gets to meet a woman without doing any work. Another way for people to make themselves even more nonfunctional in the world. I...
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    Psychiatrist... do it or no?

    Anyone ever been to a psychiatrist for whatever reason? Results good or bad?
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    300 Workout

    Started one of the many "300" workout regimens. I'm sore as hell. Yay. Anyone else done this?
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    Friend gets the upper hand

    I was confident. ****y. had the better story. My friend gets to go home with a 36 milf. I go home to jack it. ****. He says we're in law school. Which we're not. He says he works 3 jobs. Not true. he works one and does two others one hour a week. i'm getting to the point where i'm gonna ****...
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    Songs for my band's setlist...

    I need some ideas for songs to do at a show my band is playing on the 17th. To name a few we have already... Seven Nation Army and Sweet Dreams medley, '39, Crazy little thing called love, and tie your mother down by Queen, Hurt So Good by Mellencamp, Take It Easy by the Eagles, Proud Mary...
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    Lack of conversation

    Anyone else get this? I'm an interesting person, at least in most respects. College graduate, although only serving right now. Applying to law schools all over the country, planning on going into Environmental law. I grew up well off but with a great sense of maturity and level headedness. I...
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    Offshore drilling will not decrease any oil dependancy.

    The highest projected peak production of off shore American drilling will be 200,000 barrels in roughly 20 years. There will be no production any time soon since the infrastructure must be built first. 200,000 barrels seems like a lot (8.4 million gallons of oil) but not when you compare it to...