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    What does narcissist do wheb they sense youre physically/emotionally checking out.

    Just what Robert said. Was hooking up with a girl I went to highschool with. She had gone onto a d1 college on a scholarship and then when she graduated moved to LA and modeled. at first I was simply thinking with my friend below the waist. She is a ten....after a month and a half of...
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    What would you do in this scenario?

    I would probably respond Mary must be sucking a mean ..... up your game
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    GF weight issues

    I got myself in the best shape I’ve ever been in. My girl was pretty lazy but over the last year she has heard from her friends, family and her girlfriends significant others about how shredded I am. She miraculously started eating right and exercising daily to keep her rear in shape. If...
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    Vending Machines

    In my area it’s a cut throat business. Vending machines, bar games, jukeboxes, and those video games that pay out at bars are all run by the same vending company. Those companies are often mob businesses.... easy way to launder money.
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    Did anyone achieved those goals?

    I am planning on giving up booze. I eat super clean, workout like a maniac and usually have a few drinks at the end of the day. I went a month without booze before the lockdown and felt amazing! I eat all natural and super clean. The benefits I experienced were much better digestion, zero...
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    Too high testosterone...is it bad for dating, etc?

    I am on TRT.... my total testosterone hovers around 1400-1500 and free testosterone between 45-60 on lab corps testing range. this is pretty high but I will say it will affect your game. When I had normal testosterone for my age group I would weigh things out before I would make a move...
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    4 months into the breakup, I managed to re-establish contact with my ex and got her to agree to sit in a "therapy" session with me

    your ex wants nothing to do with you.... move on... seriously. Your on a forum that can give you the keys to the Ferrari and your working on getting a restraining order and jacking your life up.
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    How would you respond?

    I wound say no..... she would ask why??? I would say you don’t need it...... then she would pout some and I would make fun of her for acting like a 5 year old.
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    Dealing with death

    i never did psychedelics but arrived at the same conclusion... that nirvana is discovering the journey isn’t about puss....Tail is just a side effect of becoming the best version of yourself!
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    How would you handle this?

    I wouldn’t have handled it the way you did. Who knows maybe that dude and girl are having an affair and the last thing they need is some picture popping up on social media. It would have been a non event for me and I probably wouldn’t have even had a reaction. Your living in a world where a...
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    "Do I look fat in this"?

    I don’t lie.. If someone asks my opinion they are getting my opinion. I have never had any female get pissed if I told them they looked bad or something made them look heavy. I would want someone to tell me if I looked ridiculous.
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    Dealing with Karen

    Don’t give this any more thought... she’s post wall and insane. As I progressed through my career and took on more and responsibility I realized this quote holds true... the lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep. You need to let things roll off you and have a short memory.
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    Workout tips for someone skinny

    My advice is don’t over complicate things. You need to break down and stimulate a muscle for it to grow. If you don’t put it under enough stress it will not adapt. I work one body part per week. I always alter my weights and rep scheme. I do 3/4 sets per exercise and on every set but the...
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    reality check when everyone is playinhg house. gayyyyyyy!

    I’m inching closer to 40... never married. All my friends are and none of them are in control. I see them once every few weeks when they are “allowed” out for a round of golf and a few beers. everyone of them have Put on about 50lbs of fat since they got married. Some of their wives have...
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    Success and Friendships

    It’s all up to you ? In my life I threw all of my old friendships away because of similar concerns. As I turn 40 i regret that..... those people who knew you before you forged your path are important. I have made new friends but can never rehash or laugh about the memories I had growing...
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    The myth of 8 hours of sleep

    i worked mid night shift for 3 years! I could never sleep during the days. I probably averaged 2 hours a day when I was working. I was so tired I couldn’t tell what was real at times. It was one dream state!
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    The myth of 8 hours of sleep

    I don’t screw with sleep. I have had blood work done when I was sleeping 4-5 hours a night.. cortisol was high, testosterone low, growth hormone was low and dhea low 6 months later retest after a few months of 8-9 hours of sleep a night. Cortisol perfect, testosterone jumped a few hundred...
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    all my life i was beta male

    If you want to be alpha then don’t give your mind time to dwell on being beta. Throw your self into your hobbies... find your passions and work on them relentlessly build your dream body, learn martial arts, take up wood working, learn how to fix things, cook good food, master...
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    Woman can only love her first love

    I think that is somewhat true. It can be the same for guys as well depending on their first love. I dated my first real girl friend from my sophomore year in High school until my Junior year in college. Those are such memorable times in anyone’s life and it is such an innocent time. Your...