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    Giving out your number instead of getting hers

    Testing this out on a few chicks I've met. Giving her my number instead of asking for hers. Curious if anyone has had any success with this over getting her number?
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    Why it is your duty as a man to eat her a$$.

    In my experience going down on a woman to give her pleasure is a submissive act. I expect women to get on her knees and go down on me. I grab her by the hand and lead her. I show her what I want, what I expect. The only time I go down is when I truly want to for my own pleasure. When she is...
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    The 3 categories of men women slot you in and more

    Live your life exactly like this. Women can fall in line or f#@k off
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    Instagram game

    I been pretty successful lately at meeting local women on Instagram. I would like to start a thread on instagram dos and don'ts. There are a lot of things that can make you or break you on Instagram. One I see guys mess up is tons of selfies. What are some others?
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    Should we have plutonic women friends????

    I don't do friends with women like this. I show them sexual interest and offer a meet up if they make the effort to spend time with you they are interested. If all you get are silence and excuses ignore her and move on. Don't be just a texting buddy to a girl you want to smash. Move on. I...
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    Successfully getting laid a lot and sleeping with different women after 30.

    While I am sure that happens the couples I get with are pretty great and obviously have strong relationships. What motivates them is the same thing that motivates me. Sexual variety. It makes life exciting and they obviously enjoy it as much as I do. It's a win win.
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    Workout tips for someone skinny

    I use a weight lifting program called body beast. You can find it on Amazon. It's a series of workout videos that will teach you how to lift with minimal equipment. A simple bench and dumbbells. It has worked great for me. It also comes with a book on how and what to eat.
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    Successfully getting laid a lot and sleeping with different women after 30.

    I am very picky with who I play with. I have several couples I've got together with. Most down to earth next door type couples that swing are looking for something ongoing with a safe guy. I don't f#$k with sketchy people.
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    Successfully getting laid a lot and sleeping with different women after 30.

    I am in the best shape of my life and have met some really great couples. Some men do like to watch their wives get railed by the fit guy. Other couples want two guys for her atn the same time. Either way it's fun and it's no a no nonsense hook up. No strings attached.
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    Successfully getting laid a lot and sleeping with different women after 30.

    I am 38 and fit. The last couple years have been my best. I am married in a type of open relationship. I play with other women or couples in threesomes. Get involved in the swing lifestyle. Lots of fun open minded women dtf
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    Posting pics with women

    I only post pics with random women on my story never my wall. I save my wall for more interesting better quality photos. Places and fun things I'm doing.
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    Posting pics with women

    I really don't care....lol I am however curious how others see it
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    Posting pics with women

    I occasionally go out with women I meet on instagram. There have been times we take pictures while we are out of just fun things. Pics together or of each other spending time together. Is it a good idea to share pictures of women you're hanging with on Instagram stories? Does this attract...
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    What's your biggest lesson

    I think everyone learns at least one big lesson when learning about women. Mine is that woman who are truly down for you will make it easy for you. If she turns you down simply move on and remove all attention from her. Women who don't want to spend time with me don't get to exist in my...
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    Came across an interesting post. Oneitis from a girl perspective.

    It was pretty interesting seeing her being pissed over a guy she wasn't that into.
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    Came across an interesting post. Oneitis from a girl perspective.

    This is exactly what happened. I seen this exact thing a few weeks ago between two coworkers. This guy was pursuing this girl hard. They went out one time and she was luke warm to him. He ends up choosing to date a different girl. The first girl ends up all pissed because she lost him as...
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    Home gym minimums

    Check out the body beast program if you are new to lifting weights. It is a good solid program that will teach you some good basics. All I have is an adjustable bench, 90lb power blocks and a pull up bar. It's done some good things for me.
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    4 Types of Men Breakdown

    Women are born with value which decreases with age (physical). Men are born with little value and can build value as they age if they work on themselves (resources).
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    Don't give women free non sexual attention.

    I've noticed this also. A girl wants attention then you try and sex it up and she turns into a nun all of a sudden. Sex isn't what she wants.
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    Don't give women free non sexual attention.

    It was an interesting discussion just looking for more examples and opinions.