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    Giving out your number instead of getting hers

    Testing this out on a few chicks I've met. Giving her my number instead of asking for hers. Curious if anyone has had any success with this over getting her number?
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    Instagram game

    I been pretty successful lately at meeting local women on Instagram. I would like to start a thread on instagram dos and don'ts. There are a lot of things that can make you or break you on Instagram. One I see guys mess up is tons of selfies. What are some others?
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    Posting pics with women

    I occasionally go out with women I meet on instagram. There have been times we take pictures while we are out of just fun things. Pics together or of each other spending time together. Is it a good idea to share pictures of women you're hanging with on Instagram stories? Does this attract...
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    What's your biggest lesson

    I think everyone learns at least one big lesson when learning about women. Mine is that woman who are truly down for you will make it easy for you. If she turns you down simply move on and remove all attention from her. Women who don't want to spend time with me don't get to exist in my...
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    Don't give women free non sexual attention.

    Was discussing this with a friend last night. If a woman is not making an effort to reach out to you and spend time with you, you should basically ignore her. No social media likes. Don't follow her stories on snap or insta. If you run across her in person let her come to you but be fun to be...
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    Should I let women find this

    So here's my question. I have a motivational account on Twitter where I post a lot of positive motivational quotes, sayings and advice. Some is my own and some I find and repost. The account has blown up and has over 10K followers. I never intended it to be anything but just something I...
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    Social proof

    What are some good ways to use social proof over social media?
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    Shirtless selfies

    Alright I need Instagram advice. I am in my late 30s and very fit. Lean/muscular. I have abs and all that. I am proud on what I have accomplished physically by working out. I take shirtless selfies each month to track my progress. I am always torn on whether I should post one of these on...
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    What is a valuable man

    I've read often that to be attractive you need to be a valuable man or be able to offer value. I know what this means to me personally but I'm curious what some of you guys feel about this. What makes a man truly valuable?
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    When she calls you Bro

    This is one of those things chicks do that bugs the **** out of me. Even when chicks I'm not interested in do it. What are some good smart ass responses?
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    Giving women attention

    How much attention should you give a woman you are interested in vs a woman you are already having sex with. Obviously you don't want to be needy but what should the difference be?
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    Money/status vs taking risks

    I've heard it said that a man who takes risks and is adventurous can make up for lack of wealth and status but is this really the case. I'm interested in hearing other points of views and examples. What risks are attractive to women?
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    Hint hint

    Flirting with a girl at work today. Talked some with this one before. She's attractive and has a good vibe. Eye contact was on point and I did a little kino at a high point in the conversation. We were talking about shift work at one point and how tired it can make you. She mentioned she...
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    She's bringing a friend

    Going to an event this weekend and this chick I been talking some with will be there also. I heard through mutual friends she is going with a girlfriend. She told me last week she wanted to spend some time with me there. What's the best way to handle this if she has a friend there. I don't...
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    Chicks who are fan girls

    What is with this? I know several 20 something women who are HUGE fan girls to small time celebrities or musicians. They will drive halfway across the country to see these people. They blow up the celebrities social media with likes and shares and hearty face emojis. I am just confused and...
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    She shows up but won't show up

    I have this chick I know who texts me fairly regular about once a week. We used to work together and there was attraction and some flirting but she held back because we worked together. We got pretty close and for a period was blowing up my phone, sending sexy pics. She tells me she misses...