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    Injuries during sex?

    Just came back from the chiropractor. while doing the Horizontal Mambo I really strained my neck. It didn't go away in 2 weeks so I got some help for it . He said "It was really out. Man what did you do? Were you in an accident or something? " Didn't know what to say.... :lol: You ever...
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    Red Flag "Cosmo style " Quiz

    Here is one from the 50's What questions would you have on it to update it for today?
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    Sadie Hawkins day is coming....

    February 29th (Leap Day) is often touted as the "day" when women can propose to their man. Have you considered your response if you were to have your LTR propose to you? Ever had it happen? What is your reaction if it did?
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    So where are the "Kept Men"?

    Surely among this fine and quality crowd we have some gentlemen whose looks and charm have made women into "beta-providers". The woman provided money, or lodging, or paid for dates, or gave gifts beyond an equal reciprocal share. Please share your secrets, and tell us....How did that go for...
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    Older women

    i found this to be true: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/why-bad-looks-good/201908/why-some-men-prefer-date-older-women
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    Monetizing referrals

    Because of my long history in my industry and 4 generations in the same town, I have connections with a number of people. How do I develop some residual income when I put two people together in a deal? I'm becoming the "guy who knows a guy" and I'm missing out on the money they make and save...
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    Do you find Red Headed Women are consistently more difficult?

    https://www.unilad.co.uk/featured/being-ginger-can-have-a-severe-effect-on-mental-health/ From my experiences, they are either really shy and introverted or bossy, rude and manipulative. Am I over simplifying this?
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    How much is enough?

    How much "spinning plates" is enough before deciding on a long term relationship course of action? And how do you avoid discarding potential long term partners in the process of sowing your oats? Seems like the mindset for a plate spinner and a good partner are at odds, so how does one's...
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    Things that ruled out women as LTR's or potential relationships for you.

    I've been feeling introspective about my choice of partners. Thinking about women I've ruled out early. When I got out of my marriage I set some "dealbreakers" So I wouldn't repeat some of the same mistakes. Dealbreaker #1 No kids younger than mine. My oldest is 21 and youngest is 12...
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    Quaid and Savioe....

    Thoughts? https://heavy.com/news/2019/10/laura-savoie-dennis-quaid-fiancee/
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    Is Covert Dread sustainable in a relationship?

    Dread game is a technique to use in relationships where you make a girl worried that something is wrong or that you may leave her for another woman. This increases her anxiety levels to a point where she wants to alleviate the stress by trying to please you and make sure everything is okay...
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    What do you tell your sons?

    What do you tell your high school age sons in regards to women? Do you practice what you preach?
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    But She's My Daughter's Age!

    Curious how other fathers have reconciled this thought when attractive younger women show interest in you? If you don't have some awkward feelings about what you wold think about your own sweet daughter meeting a man your age then I wonder about your Father cred...
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    Your Personal Code of Honor

    What is yours?
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    Younger woman Sign of Interest?

    Met her at a pub run for the first time Wed Night. She was there with her parents. She's 20 years younger than I. Back in town after grad school. Talked and vibed, didn't exchange numbers, and left with a handshake. Wake up the next morning and she has sent me a friend request on facebook...
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    Long Distant Plate coming to stay while kids are here

    How do you recommend working around pre teen and teenage daughters when a hot piece of ass rolls in to spend the weekend and wants you to absolutely ravage her. One kid's bedroom shares a wall with mine. It's my weekend with the kids. The family vacation house has someone in it that weekend...
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    Do I need to be concerned about keeping her in the Friendzone?

    I have a female friend, about 50 years old, whom I have known for eight years. She owns a business that I frequent, and it is the hub of my social scene and many of the people I exercise with I've met through her and her business. She is a very physically affectionate person, and we have...
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    LTR - What is better not to ask/know?

    As we get into our second, third round of romance we all realize we have a past. That girl that is so amazing in bed? Yeah she has experience from somewhere. Heck for that matter so do I.... But we all have a past, so what do we overlook/ignore, don't ask/don't tell?
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    Can a Rewarding Lifetime relationship follow a period of Low investment Relationships?

    Frequently people espouse recently single people get out and date, and screw and have a variety of short term, low commitment relationships. My question is does that just reinforce negative behavior that could sabotage a potentially rewarding long term relationship in the future? Secondarily...
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    How to reassure your "Hired Gun" girlfriend you aren't jealous

    So the Girlfriend has a summer job as a bartender that has her around a lot of other men. I totally understand that she has a persona that will get her more tips and business in general. She is attractive, outgoing, and friendly, which is why I'm attracted to her. Naturally she is going to be...