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    Need help desperately! Getting sick during training

    Haven't posted here in a while. I've seen the light that is self-improvement *the clouds above disperse and sun beams flow all around me* Ahhhhhhhh Part of this self-improvement is fitness and gym but I've noticed lately that when I work out I begin feeling fatigued, light headed and nauseous...
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    How I went from w@nking 6 times a day to spinning 6 plates

    Two words: Stop trying. Simple as that. I started concentrating on myself from basic things like hygiene and good nights sleep to business plans, dressing better and working hard at my current job. The first two are admittedly low quality girls - couple of 4's with a bit of weight to...
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    Business Idea. Must've been done a million times, but will it still work?

    Long term plan is property rentals followed by investments. Short term to turn a few hundred in to a few thousand I was thinking of buying wholesale and selling individually - preferably on eBay or a similar site so I'm not paying out too much if I was to host my own site etc clearly people...
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    The most AFC behaviour I've ever seen

    If any of you have read my recent rants you'll know that my housemate can be a little difficult. We've got a bit of an understanding going now and hopefully shït should be sorted soon but apart from all that, his behaviour towards his ex is bordering on the unbelievable. Less than a year ago...
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    On the subject of dropping friends that drag you down

    A huge part of growing up/realising your ambitions/becoming the best you you can be involved surrounding yourself with the right people; You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. The person I undoubtedly spend the most time with is my housemate. We've only lived...
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    Got a TONNE of ideas, what now?

    Been doing a lot of thinking lately, about what I want do/where I want to be. Basically I have a lot of ideas - for stories, games, inventions, business ideas, business ideologies, products, advertisements, movies, tv shows and more but never know what to do with them apart from scribble them...
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    How to handle AW's?

    I usually avoid attention *****s but if you find yourself gaming one of those girls how do you handle them? Clearly they love attention and usually find themselves in some b!tchy clique. What's the best way to deal with these skanks?
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    Easiest way to find a chick to bang

    I know people will say go out and cold approach as that's the best way to meet girls and I agree. I've done that and will do it again but in my experience that takes meeting a couple of times to bang, I'm very busy lately and just want to f*ck today. I have two fwb's/fb's/plates but they're both...
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    Now Self-Employed. Need Business Help!

    Last week I started my new job and basically I'm now a self-employed sales agent. The company set up meetings for their staff and we get paid to go to these and if we make a sale we get good commission but if we set up our own meeting with a homeowner we get over twice as much money for going...
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    Short & Sweet but something you should always remember...

    Help a man and he'll remember you next time you're in trouble. Help a woman and she'll remember you next time she's in trouble.
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    How can anybody believe in religion?

    With what we know about evolution, science, the history of the earth and the creation of organised religion (astrology tales) how can people justify believing in a man on a cloud watching us, judging us, 'loving' us? That was aimed at Christianity but you know what I mean. I can see the...
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    I wanna get bank bro!

    I start my new job on Tuesday and it looks as though I could make good money from it but it's not enough. I don't just wanna get paid, I want to to build up to having regular revinues coming in from different directions. I want to be able to go travelling and now that on set dates I'll have...
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    How to handle an older Asian woman?

    There's this older Thai woman at my work, she looks really young for her age and has a great body. We flirt when we talk but as her English still isn't great I don't know if the chick's just being polite and going all with it all smiles. I'm already in the mindset that, as the young buck, I...
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    Struggling to find my ikigai

    For those who don't know the ikigai is a Japanese concept, their 'reason for being', though I first encountered it when writing a paper on the Okinawans who loosely translate it to their 'reason for getting up in the morning'. Lately I've been really struggling finding areas on to get up in the...
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    Wanna get RIPPED!

    Hey guys I'm gonna try and keep this as short and sweet as possible. Looking to get back in to training as soon as possible but this time take it a lot more seriously! I'm 6'3", good physique but just with that last bit of belly covering my abs. I'm 188lbs with around 15% body fat (apparently...
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    Role Models

    Was just wondering who you guys look up to or wish to emulate as role models. It could be the way the look or act or their intelligence or business accumen (anything about them basically). But who (preferably a celebrity so we all know of them) is it you see as/used to see as a role model? And...
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    Sh*t test? What would you do? Please help

    Ok so basically I met this girl, ons, as we talked we realised we liked each other more than that and proceeded to spend quite a bit of time together with us being exclusive to each other following hints from her (it's important that it was her that initiated us being exclusive). After a...
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    How to pick up ("sarge") alone in a nightclub?

    I've seen a few guys in here saying they prefer to go out to night clubs etc alone to pick up girls but just how do you do this? If I bump in to a girl or meet someone and start talking great, it's on. But that usually happens while I'm dancing or chatting with friends. So my question is how can...
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    Need to stop fapping!!!

    Short but sweet: beforehand (or during) I feel confident that I could get with anyone, can be the centre of attention in a huge setting etc basically I feel like the man. Then after I just feel dirty and shi*ty. I know the psychology of it and how it works but yet at least once a day I find...
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    Sick & Tired. Rant, could do with some advice or support

    I'm sick and tired of having no money I'm sick and tired of having nothing to do with my free time that interests me or that I can afford I'm sick and tired of believing that if I go for a job to get good money I'll have limited free time and will hate my job meaning I'm soon sick and...