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    Prick for a day

    Cobra, Bill--- You are both right, but I think your methods apply to different situations. Baggin' on chicks or giving neg hits will work, sometimes. Being nice to women upon meeting them will work--sometimes. I think Cobra's approach of a more flattering opening line may work better when...
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    My Sh*t Theory

    Thanks for the responses. This was one that I had to bust out. It came from me one evening after just letting it flow, but it grew around itself because it was so true! It's really the way chicks make decisons, going for the bad instead of the good but doing it willingly and aginst logic...
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    My Sh*t Theory

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    Friendship zone or hell? What do you call it?

    Do you follow me around with a camera? Really, truer words were never said. But I'm different now. So once-and-for-all: There are two classes of women. Friends and Lovers. The two are incompatable. One does not cross over into another. Yes, someone can try to tell me that they have...
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    My Sh*t Theory

    O.K. I hear the boards are gettign thin lately for material. I want to add this excerpt from a rant I sent to another "Why are women so screwed up" page a while back. It will probably get more exposure and comment here than it did on the page I originally submitted it to, since this page was...
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    Cesspool of Knowledge

    All good but I got one question REd-xL. Why not the jean-shorts? Is it some secret faggy signal? Please enlighten and educate.
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    Different Type Of Advice...

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    Cesspool of Knowledge

    Don't slap her ass? Don't bust a move if you can't dance worth shyt? Don't stare at her tits? Aw man!
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    Forget About The Girls In Your Past

    Analogy Alert!!!!! Chicks of the past are like cars you've owned. Sure, there is nostalgia, sure ther is comfort in familiarity. But consider why you got rid of the beast in the first place. I sold my first car, a 65 Mustang, many years ago. It was in so-so shape when I had it, and one day...
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    New Kid in Town

    The heads we think with, not the heads we don't think with...... ------------------ Let's all put our heads together and gang up on these ho's!
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    New Kid in Town

    Along that same line goes "New in town but don't know where the hell anything is". I mean, can you really blame a guy if he doesn't know which way is north because he's so unfamiliar with his surroundings? And, of course, it is chicks and chicks only who you will go to for advice in your new...