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    What's up with girls and yoga pants these days?

    I work in a mall and man, the amount of girls that walk through everyday in these ridiculous, sheer, see through, booty hugging black yoga pants is ridiculous. I'm not complaining though. I mean some of these girls, you can literally see their butts through them, I'm like why bother even wearing...
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    What's your experience dating a girl taller than you?

    Have you dated a girl taller than you before? I'm not talking an inch taller than you. I'm talking a good six to seven inches taller than you. I'm going on a date with this girl and she's 6'1". I'm only 5'6". Talk about a difference. What I'm a little nervy about is that she knows she's way...
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    This is one of the easiest way to get a girl back to your place

    I found this on another site and thought some people here would like to read it: Take a girl out on a date and make sure where you take her is a place near your house. Either 5 minutes walking distance or 5 to 10 minutes driving distance. While you are out on your date talk about something...
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    The truth was in front of me my whole life.

    I hate to talk about my family like this but since I've been learning about the predatory woman, pua tactics, alpha male etc some things that made no sense to me makes so much sense now. My younger sister who was living with me for a bit while she went to college recently broke up with her...
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    It's funny when a girl tries to hit a guy up online

    I was checking my OKC account and this girl messaged me. Her: Hey. Me: Hi. Her: What's up Me: Nothing. Her: So...what are you doing? Me: Why would you message me when you're all the way in another state? Her: To be nice a friend duh you dumb prick LMFAO. It's so funny...
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    How do you have sex on a coffee date?

    So I was texting this girl that I just met around 8pm today and this was the convo we had: Me: We should get some coffee tomorrow. Her: How about tonight? Me: Nah. Let's make it tomorrow evening instead. Her: Okay.. Now, mind you, this was around 8pm. Who wants to meet up for...
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    Proof that online dating is an ego trip for women.

    I was browsing POF and came across this profile. Now, here we have a fat, ugly pig who is a "homebody and don't do much other than work" and who would never get a second look from any self respecting man in real life but her "requirements" are hilarious. She's only 21 years old mind you. These...