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    Blog/ help needed

    Nice development thread friend. And good to see more Brits on here ;) I noticed you mentioned Brum, I'm not far from there myself. Reading this reminded of what I went through, you've walked a very similar path to me and it doesn't take long for you to realise self-improvement comes first. This...
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    Need help desperately! Getting sick during training

    Thanks man, yeah I'll get booked in. Just a bit tight at the moment as I'm working around Europe most of the week, only home for the weekends :/ will get it sorted though. I'm definitely not eating enough, I know that. And especially not enough veg! Getting plenty of fruit and drinking a lot...
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    Need help desperately! Getting sick during training

    Thank you, exactly what I needed; like a specific idea of what to eat. Will go for a fair bit of protein first thing with maybe a side of carbs like brown rice, see how that does me. Looks like chicken breast for breakfast haha
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    Need help desperately! Getting sick during training

    Haven't posted here in a while. I've seen the light that is self-improvement *the clouds above disperse and sun beams flow all around me* Ahhhhhhhh Part of this self-improvement is fitness and gym but I've noticed lately that when I work out I begin feeling fatigued, light headed and nauseous...
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    10 things three years of poverty has taught me.

    Stay Positive - The Streets. As a midlands man I appreciate the lyrics posted ;) great post, you definitely start to realise the value of everything when you have little or nothing.
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    Stages of the Red Pill(Discussion Topic)

    Best thing you can do, in my own experience, is to solely concentrate on yourself. Don't even think about women, in that outcome dependant manner that is. Be social with pretty much everyone but talk to all women the same, don't pedestal use or go out of your way for anyone. You'll find this...
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    Brazil how to: The girls, the game and the myths!

    Can't wait to hit up Brazil in the very near future!
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    merry xmas to all of you!

    Merry Christmas to you too! Remember it doesn't have to be about the commercialism and other cràp, it's about being around your loved ones and showing compassion for your fellow man, and even women to a degree :)
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    In a stroke of pure AFC Genius, I've offically seen it all lol

    I've done this myself, though accidentaly, a couple of times. Disqualified myself as a partner to girls who I lived with or who I knew were seeig someone. Told a group of girls I lived with at Uni as a joke 'sorry girls but one of my rules is not fück anyone I live with' the first night we all...
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    The Mystery Method.

    There's a thought. I wonder if lesbians play the same games, can have this stuff applied to etc surely they must still be attracted to status and wealth etc?
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    The Mystery Method.

    Great post. Hope it goes well. Just wondering though you said 90% of women can be grouped together as the women we mainly talk about, you say there's a 1% out there who have their shît together. What are the other 9%? Nuns? Haha
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    How are most women able to sleep at night

    Hamster wheel. They find a way to validate everything they do. This is their greatest defence mechanism. You ever heard the bull a cheating girl will say? "He (the partner who got cheated on) never listens to me/treats me/does things with me" etc it's always validated by blaming the guy who's...
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    2 questions (alpha move and texting feedback)

    Talking on the phone is much better than texting for pretty much every situation. The only time I'd recommend texting is if you haven't spoke for a long time, and even then I'd keep texting to a minimum; one text to engage 'hey, how are you? It's been a while', if the reply is positive I'll...
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    How do you deal with the AFCs in your life?

    You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. It might be difficult, and I'm currently going through this process, but you have to cut these people out of your life in order to continue developing. Perhaps not entirely but to a certain degree at least.
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    Stressed out and depressed after my girlfriend dumped me

    You're doing the right thing coming here and addressing the problem. I probably can't give you any advice you haven't already heard so just keep busy, work on you and continue to utilise this community for help. The night is darkest just before the dawn.
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    When your girlfriend breaks up with you

    Been saying this for weeks to an idiot of a friend that won't stop crying over an ex. If I hear 'how could she do this to me' I'm gonna pïss on him in his sleep
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    The night I just had, and why you should always look your best :)

    Haha most girls I know have some kind of underlying daddy issues. They always seek some kind of approval and it's always seeked from guys who seem unattainable or uninterested, would be rude not to play on that! I'm from Chester pal, 5:1 ratio of women to men :)
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    The night I just had, and why you should always look your best :)

    Haha well played brother and I agree, it's important to always look good - not only that you know in yourself when you look good and it gives you that added confidence. These Uni chicks are all the same, they're great as a sample of the women talked about on SS, they might want something for...
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    **To all the Newbies, Heart Brokens and Hardcase Believers - Trust the Users Wisdom**

    This should be stickied and posted as a 'read before you post'. 99% of the users here will have experienced similar trials to this. But it does take a certain kind of man (at a certain point in their life) to absorb this information, apply it and learn from it. Some men/boys just don't want to...
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    How I went from w@nking 6 times a day to spinning 6 plates

    Erm...backbreaker, if you read the thread that is exactly what I'm saying not to do - chase women and make them a priority. Your copy and paste is highlighting my point exactly. If that's what you meant to do then then thanks for the reaffirming quote, but if you meant to class me as some...