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    Setting boundaries - Reverse effect

    Example: - Him: - If we get into a relation I wouldn't like if you go out with your male friends/office colleague for dinner or drinks. That needs to stop. Her: - If you expect me to do this I would expect the same. No more contact with female friends when in a relation :| How do you...
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    Am I a Looser?

    So me and my EX use to work together but then she had to switch her job and everything fVcked up. Once she switched the job she dumped me and got into a new relation which she ended and we were back together. This January she dumped me again and the thing is I got a new offer form the same...
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    Ex's wedding invitation - What to do?

    Brothers, Ex who dumped me in January is getting married this December. As soon as she dumped me there was few AFC things that I did but went full NC for 4 months. From June - October we were again romantically and sexually involved (She initiated contact). October first week she dropped the...
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    EX F*cking up again.

    So we broke up at the beginning of this year and went contact for about 3 months. Then I got a job in the same firm as her and she got in touch with me few days after I joined as she did find out I was joining the same firm. During the NC she dated a guy form the same firm for couple of months...
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    Sex with my Ex - Should I?

    Hi Guys, So we broke up this January and we haven't been in contact for about 5 months. Later I got a new job and found out she was actually working for the same firm and her desk was just nearby. We ended up talking, spending time together but she has no feelings for me but I DO HAVE...
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    Help needed - Working in the same office with EX

    Hi Guys, My situation here is I am working with my EX in the same office. I've dated this girl twice and in total we had a 4 years of relation. The first time we broke up I was the one who begged and cried and did anything to get her back well she did come back and then it lasted for a year...