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Search results for query: college

  1. S

    Is this how easy it was in the 80's?

    ...based social networks taking off really changed things. MySpace was a thing in 2004-06, but nothing like Instagram now. Facebook was still a college social network until September 2006, when it opened to the public. The first iPhone hit the market in July 2007. The bar game was better in...
  2. Who Dares Win

    Is this how easy it was in the 80's?

    Agree on everything especially having the undivided attention of girls during a date. Women knew that time and effort from men werent free, also the fact that cellphones were useful to communicate with people you were already dealing with and not devices to get attention from random people...
  3. S

    Is this how easy it was in the 80's?

    ...but even that got worse by 2008-2012. In like 2004-05, it was possible to message a woman on MySpace and set up a date. If you were in college in 2004-05, you could do some early Facebook stalking and come up with something. Because of less technology in general, people were more present...
  4. Black Widow Void

    Success and Friendships

    ...I mention the above because your friends also made choices. If people want to get ahead, there's always a way. Many years ago when I was in college, I didn't manage my money well. If I had a date, I'd sell plasma or sell a few cassettes/LP's to the local used record store for funds. Could I...
  5. M

    Are my friends white knights or am I really a ****?

    ...her, besides flirting let’s see how we really interact. She came Wednesday night. Holy ****. She smelled, looked, just vibed like a total college liberal. How she dressed (Jean skirt but in the fashion of man kilts), with a shirt that looked like a 13 year old teenage video gaming kid would...
  6. samspade

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    ...one subset of people. We also have the NAACP and UNCF but nobody complains that they imply that other people can't advance or go to college. And there's the ADL for Jews and the NIAF for Italian-Americans, NOW for women, etc., etc. If ethnic groups are going to be targeted for their...
  7. stringpuller

    A fight broke out in the gym, women got sexually aroused

    They werent all bad SW. My oldest was bor in 94 and remember the big dont spank your child movement, it was child abuse BS. I knew back then some **** was coming down the road. No discipline today. Discipline makes good humans.
  8. S

    A fight broke out in the gym, women got sexually aroused

    ...amount of pusssy compared to the non-competitive athlete populace. Football and basketball players at the NCAA level get the most pusssy. College baseball players do well at many schools. Some guys in smaller sports can put up solid notch counts. I've taken boxing/kickboxing classes at a...
  9. Jack12345

    Does this style of game sound autistic to any of you?

    Ideally these are things you dont wanna bother your self with
  10. I

    Does this style of game sound autistic to any of you?

    ...etc. Hijack her brain using embedded commands and stories with emotional language, and even if you are 80 years old, you can bed the hot college girl, and her classmates, if you please lol But I guess it's not different from the claims made by other PUA's with differing methods (mystery with...
  11. A

    I can't believe I'm 38 and haven't been on here in several years (Updates and suggestions needed)

    ...who behave right and want you marriage will not even be considerated, that is also not a sure thing, I know both people, who dated during college days and are together, and people who are divorced already with the girl already sleeping around before that divorce, you know the main...
  12. S

    is liking masculine women sign of low t

    ...and some perky A/B cup breasts if she doesn't have implants, then that will be hot. If she gets too bulky, that will not be hot. A typical college indoor volleyball player or professional sand volleyball player female is not likely to be masculine, but she's likely to have a nicely muscled...
  13. peeps

    Manosphere Copes (Men Rotting Their Own Way)

    I used to be pretty hardcore red pill and can honestly say it saved me from AFC life in terms of rebounding from my relationship and ending up in a **** place with another awful girl. It taught me a lot about female nature in a way I would not get anywhere else. But as time has gone on my main...
  14. Poonani Maker

    I have an over-thinking issue with a 20 yr old who's now latched on to me (so it seems)

    ...just searching for a bridge, they're Surviving. It's sad, cause of what society said they should do (be independent) - she wants to go to community college. I said sure, but in my mind I'm thinking what a waste she should have found a boy in high school and stuck with him, but that's today eh?
  15. S

    Successfully Approaching Women at Work (General Public Workers)

    ...visiting their grandparents in facilities can hit on workers there, or guys in their 40s/early 50s with their declining parents. Teachers/College Professors/School Staff: I'm not a parent, but I could see a scenario where a single dad might be interested in his kid's teacher or maybe a...
  16. M

    Paranormal Activity

    I have one story that always comes to Mind.... When I was in college it was rumored that our dorm building was built on top of old Indian burial grounds. Now I never believed in any of that stuff and didn’t even know about it until I brought up the experience to some college friends. On occasion...
  17. Poonani Maker

    Manosphere Copes (Men Rotting Their Own Way)

    My dad (now 4 years deceased) back when I was 19 and attending college when my mom divorced him (I chose to continue living in our house with him cause I thought my mom divorcing him was uncalled for and well, adulterous), took me to a t!tty bar at my 21st birthday. Fine-as5ed college gal tanned...
  18. stringpuller

    Does what you drive matter?

    Yes it does matter. But not always. Depends on where you are in life. If you are 45 and cant afford a clean newer dependable car you are behind in society...21 or 25 just out of college and just getting started. Not so much
  19. lamath

    How do you deal with your adhd?

    ...had un-diagnose ADD without hyperactivity, until 5 years ago. The psychiatrist was surprise i was able to get the result i did in school and college with the severity of it. Same with my brother he finished his Phd a few year ago without even knowing. School was easy college was harder...
  20. lamath

    Narcissism vs Lust

    ...say that im surprise that aspect of sexual selection is not seen from that angle very often. Cuckholding is something i only saw very shortly explained in my biology class in college. In birds its very detrimental to the reproductive of the male cucked bird genes but very beneficial to the...