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    Here's something that I can see no down side to: "Double-Book" your dates or meetings with women. If you have two or three females that you may link up with for a particular event or activity, do what doctors and dentists do..."Double-Book". That's right. PURPOSEFULLY schedule more than...
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    "Tips for Snagging a Waitress II - The Barmaid"

    Anyone who knows about the subculture of the service industry will understand the value of Galactus' now classic post "Tips for Snagging a Waitress". It should be a great eye-opener for anyone who never worked in a restaurant of a bar. It occupies it's rightful place in the Don Juan Bible...
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    6 Day Wait Justification

    As everyone must know by now, I am a fanatic when it comes to advocating a minimum 5 day wait to call after first acquiring the number. This policy has been debated back and forth for some time now. I am now going to explain it so damn well that there can be no argument from now on. 1. You...
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    The Natural Order of Things

    A rather common trait of AFC-types, "nice guys", and people with low self-esteem in general is a tendency to be accomodating. The tendency to feel that it is ALWAYS improper and wrong to upset or disagree with other people. Such individuals have a resonating line of thought in their brains...
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    My definitive success story

    My story is poignant because it shows a direct "cause and effect" relationship between the study of this website and changing my past failures to success. Years ago, I was dumped after 5 years in a relationship. I had consistant female attention since then, but they never worked out. I was a...
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    Master Don Juan

    The Chosen just said that he just got master DJ status recently. So have I, after only posting for a couple months. I don't feel that I deserve this title yet. For the mods, I agree that it should be bumped up to around 300 posts. Anybody agree? I also offer to give up the title immediately...
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    A Don Juan How-to Video

    Some time ago, a post asked what different guys thought were Don Juan movies. Of course we have "Swingers", "In the Company of Men", and, certainly, "Don Juan DeMarco". Someone mentioned a little-known, straight-to-video movie, "The Tao of Steve". I finally got around to watch it last night...
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    Phone interest-raising technique

    Hey, this happened accidently last night talking to g/f on phone...I think it can be used as a way to raise a girl's interest and reinforce the idea of you having a desireable trait - during a phone conversation. This entire trick may take only 30 seconds if performed correctly: Previous DJ...
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    try this ACRONYM, it works

    Guys, I constructed this acronym to keep in mind some important precepts: Always be a "better doctor" when dealing with women. That is,a "B.E.T.R. M.D." : B. > "Bees and flowers analogy". Attrative women are like bees: They can fly from guy to guy, pursuing whatever they want. We all...