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  1. NSX-R

    Instagram fakes

    Been noticing couple of fake accounts following my instagram activity and i wanted to know if there’s some way to find out which person is it . I thought that tracking IP address might be one way but i don’t know how to do it . Anyone here knows how to do it ?
  2. NSX-R

    Too Hot to Handle(Dynamics for escalation)

    I recently saw this reality show (other than that the intelligence was on the very very lows) it amazed me of how some social dynamics work . Take for example Rhonda , David and Sharron . Meanwhile David was the first to pick up Rhonda , she was mutually interested to him plus their...
  3. NSX-R

    Finger lick

    I don’t know if it’s a naive question but i wonder what it means if a woman during sex sucks your fingers or putting them in their mouths ? I always thought that it’s a preview for when she start sucking your D but is it ? What’s your experience?
  4. NSX-R

    Persistence or next?

    I believe that’s a question many of us make when they meet a female . The most common advice around here is if a female acts hard then we should next her as fast as possible . But sometimes the easiest woman doesn’t mean it’s the best one and for the long run might be the worst option. What...
  5. NSX-R

    Rate this and help me improve .

    All this lockdown thing made me start texting more . I ve never used texting to get a woman , i would usually meet her in person and only arrange a date or something or comment a few words on an instagram story . This is about a plate ( my last one right now unfortunately f you corona) and for...
  6. NSX-R

    Am i wrong?

    There is this hb9 that I’ve talking for a month now . Chemistry is one of the best I’ve had with a woman , mutual interests etc . She came out of a 3 year ltr few months ago .Ex was a jerk as she said but there is a saying “ where there’s smoke ,there’s also fire “ . Anyway i tried to dig...
  7. NSX-R

    I’m attracting older women

    I’ve noticed in the last 2 years since i got more muscle mass that i attract mostly if not only older women . I’m 25 and usually the women that i attract are 2+ older than me . For some reason younger women don’t seem to be too much into me or they seem to be too intimidated by my presence even...
  8. NSX-R

    Old plate coming back

    So here is the issue . I used to have this hb9 plate which is older than me ( me 25 she 27) few months ago . For some reason we broke contact and had a fight which i don’t know the reason yet , maybe cause she provoked me and i exaggerated a bit. Big mistake from my side cause i used to vide a...
  9. NSX-R

    Woman finish fast

    So i encountered this in the past and recently happened the same from a different girl . The question? The girl finished too fast . In less than 10 minutes of play time . As i said , it happened in the past but had no experience then . It happened now again . Why? Premature orgasm? Too horny...
  10. NSX-R

    Gf Cheating?

    Hey guys . Been a while since i posted here . Life been awesome till now . I’ve been with a chick for a while now but we live too far away from each other. For that reason i spin another 2 plates but i play the game too well to be spotted so no issues there . Anyway we meet each other as much...
  11. NSX-R

    Patterns and moves during sex

    Been a while since i saw a post in here where people post the best positions while making sex and moves which women love . Which moves would recommend?? I’ll start with a couple of my moves . 1) have her laying on the bed , naked , pull one or both of her legs up on her shoulder , grab her...
  12. NSX-R

    Interesting response

    Met a girl which I haven’t seen in a year . We were looking at each other a lot with the feeling like we knew each other but couldn’t remember. I approached her and talked to her . It went like this . Me: hey how you doing? She : I’m great, how about you ? Me: I’m good. Do you remember...
  13. NSX-R

    Fell into what i was trying to avoid .

    Been a long time since i posted . Dating life going great , fcked a lot of females this year. Last year had a plate which intrigued me . Lots of mind issues, jealous and a big player this chick . Unfortunately developed oneitis with her . Fck me . Moved for some time now but we still talk...
  14. NSX-R

    Getting older /lack of options= lowering standards?

    As the title says . I see a lot of older guys(mostly ugly) finding attractive other very ugly fat women . How is this possible ? Also i see a lot of people mostly guys who are fine looking... with some fat ugly women . The worst part is that these women usually have 1-2 kids already with some...
  15. NSX-R

    Need tips for trip in Thailand

    Anyone ever been in Thailand . I’m thinking very seriously to travel there end of the year for some 10+ days . Any tips that you guys could give me ? Which place is the best for a 23 yo ? Is it worth it to fck women there ? Anything else i should check or watch out for ? I’d appreciate any info
  16. NSX-R

    F”cking prostitutes

    So last 3 prostitutes i met in a strip club gave me their phone number and f”cked them in their home for free but i already f”cked them once and payed them before . Can i consider this as success and the same as ending in a bed with a normal woman or not?
  17. NSX-R

    Chubby/fatty chick picks me up

    Was in a big club where i know many people , all of the waitresses and have banged half of them . I was enjoying my time with my best buddies, one of the best nights of my life. Met a guy which had a mutual friend of mine in the military and he was with some chicks and one of the chicks had...
  18. NSX-R

    Any thread in this forum with a successful end ?

    Been in sosuave many years now . I have seen many many threads and noticed something very very common with most of the threads . Any guy who asked for some advice for a certain girl , in the end he didn't score. So many dating gurus in here and not a single thread where every advice given...
  19. NSX-R

    Woman blokes me on insta stories

    So here is the thing . I was in my home country for 10 months to finish my military service. Met many women and fcked most of them . There was one chick (girl 1 hb8)that i met from the best friend(girl 2 hb7) of a chick (girl 3 hb7.5)that i used to fvk regularly. Went out with girl 1& 2 once...
  20. NSX-R

    Girl texting after long time means nothing.

    Not my example but 2 friends of mine had this happened to them . They knew some girls and they didn't speak with them for like 1-2 years and the girls were living in a different city when the girls finally initiated again out of blue . Meanwhile these guys are very experienced in the dating...