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    financing a vehicle 1st time

    so uhh i havent made payments on my credit card in a while. fawk. i havent had a job in a while either. im working on it. lets say i get a job that i hold for like 3 months. if i go 2 a used car dealer, will they sell me a car, regardless of how much more it costs because of my bad credit...
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    so, uhhhh.....

    anything new around here? probably not. how is everyone?
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    FARQ: Frequently Asked Retarded Questions

    Since most of the 2001-2003 people are gone, someone needs to put things in order. I bring to you the Frequently Asked Retarded Questions. I don't understand how dumb some of you are by asking questions with such obvious answers. From now on, these questions are answered ONCE, and never...
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    Your worst cop encounter?

    Let's hear em. Id list mine, but there's like 20 and I'm too stoned to remember most of them. Street races, cops came, we ran, hid, helicoptors came, on drugs... yea lol
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    Debate on good aspects of sex!

    I have a debate with a fat chick concerning sex. She is claiming sex is bad, and wants to use STDs and rape to say it's bad. I'm not sure where to find facts on sex, or even my main arguing points. All I know is that sex is GOOOOOOOOOOOD and I want to show it in my speech. This speech is...
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    REALLY need help with life-changing problem

    Hi, I'm Sebastian and I'm 18 years young. I live with my dad and my step-mom in the Bay Area. My cousin lives 40min away, and I'm there every weekend. All those people are really legit, don't ever take eachother's stuff, respect each other, and we make sure of it. I've made about 15 reliable...
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    Need a new job!

    I make minimum wage at the mall, working in retail. Fun job, but I want to finance a car, and move out before next Christmas. Recommend me ANY job where I can make good money. I'm 18, and I'm mobile cuz I drive.I'm considered busy restaurants so I can make bank off of tips.. any ideas?
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    TOO MANY GIRLS = problem... input plz

    Yo whats up tards. So basically I have too many girls. I'm 18. I was datin this hot 16 year old, but she's really b*tchy, so we broke up. Shes dating other guys but she keeps comin back to me cuz they treat her terribly, cuz she's a punk. I kinda like her but I dono how to cope. Her...
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    Need a new job!

    I'm 18, physically able to work, and I'm mentally equipped to handle anything. I go to community college mon-thursday, 10:30- 1:15, aside from taht I'm always available. My goal is to save enough for a down payment on a $12,000 used car. Credit began two months ago. I want to save about...
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    The Solution

    Last night, I had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. Here was an overview of my weekend: Friday: worked 10am-5pm, kicked it at home, then almost beat the cakes on my homegirl, but had no rubbers *sad face* Saturday: go out to see my girlfriend, who lives abt 20 minutes away...
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    Good audio computer program

    I want to create music and beats like my hero DJ Tiesto. I am a total audiophile. I would liek to eventually move into a career doing such things. Anything I can pirate? I'd prefer not to spend money I don't have.
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    One Week as AC/DC... this is your goal (field report)

    I want everyone to have at least one week like this. This is what life is like when you have reached the pinnacle of your development. 6 girls in 5 days. All the names have been changed so you don't actually know these people. I'm sure some of you are weird overweight stalkers. Saturday...
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    Grow Some Nuts!!!!!

    Seriously! You "lost all your confidence right before your date"? Terrible, but pathetic. Suck with girls? Read this post top to bottom, and take notes. My girlfriend told me that she likes it when guys are really trying to get at her. The more girls you talk to, the higher amount of...
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    In exchange.. I need your help

    So as it is, I'm a victim of my success. At one point, I had no girls, now I have like 4-5. That's 3-4 too many. Feel my stress. I'm kickin it with a special girl who really likes me, gives me butterflies, but wont have sex with marriage. That's Melissa. We're waiting for my homegirl who has...
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    You are going to change today.

    In this thread, you are going to identify your biggest problem. Not "I can't talk to girls". SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFY the problem. Then, I want you to analyze this weak point, and create a plan to make it better. I will personally read your plan, and give you additional advice on how I...
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    Met a cute girl on myspace!

    PLEASE LEAVE THIS IN HS FORUM. Last night I met a girl off myspace. She heard of me thru a friend, and I drove out about 25 miles to kick it. She said I was really cool but she wouldn't even think about kissing me on the first time we met. We go to my boy's house and I decided to take my car...
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    You guys are all losers!

    So I'm reading thread after thread about how you're not sure if a girl likes you, or there's some other guy. SURPRISE! There's always some other guy. And the most confident and secure guy wins. Don't like the way you look? Don't like the way you act? WORK OUT. WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESSES. Grab...
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    Traveling to Europe!!

    Where would be the best place to buy 3 round trip tix from San Francisco to London? Would you use internet? Newspaper? How would you go about researching prices? If you guys know anything or have any pointer,s let me know. This is a month-long tour of Europe. Depart June 21st, arrive back...
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    I had my first club experience!

    I had my first club experience tonight... and it was awesome! I kept up with good dancers in high school, but I'm fresh out of high school and these girls dance so freaky I don't even know what to do with them? I'm not bad in general but get kinda intimidated when theyre on the floor and...
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    Dating an older woman?

    Hey you guys doing? I frequent the High School forum daily, but I have a question for you older guys. I'm 18 and in community college. I am seeing a girl that is almost 21 and she doesn't go to school. She makes a lot of money by working at Verizon 6 days a week. I'm not sure how to be with...