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  1. amazingswayze

    I was thinking to myself today... What is the male equivalent of the "***** shield"?

    I was thinking to myself today... What is the male equivalent of the "***** shield"?
  2. amazingswayze

    SARMs and Drug Tests

    I've never heard of SARM's until you mentioned them. I'm sure you'll make good gains but it's just not worth it to me. We still don't know enough about the long-term effects. https://www.tigerfitness.com/articles/post/sarms-exposed-ostarine/ https://legionathletics.com/sarms/
  3. amazingswayze

    SARMs and Drug Tests

    You've made some pretty gains so far but you're young man... Why are you running gear at this age?
  4. amazingswayze

    Losing Belly Fat Without Burning Muscle?

    I've been thinking about eating at maintenance for a while and doing a recomp. Does anyone here have any experience with that?
  5. amazingswayze

    The "What the Health" vegan propaganda film debunked

    Even if the documentary is not completely accurate, are you trying to say that there are no benefits at all to a plant-based diet?
  6. amazingswayze

    Starting a Plant-Based Lifestyle

    This is an interesting hypothesis I have never heard before.
  7. amazingswayze

    Netflix Documentary-What the Health

    Yes OP I saw the documentary. It was the nail in the coffin for me to become vegan after a few months of research. The evidence simply became overwhelming. While I would like to reduce my carbon footprint and save the animals, nevertheless, that it still not my main motivation for undertaking...
  8. amazingswayze

    Cant intellectually bond with women

    Wishful thinking.
  9. amazingswayze

    You guys were right, i overdid it on my cut :-(

    There's no point in lifting excessively lifting just to burn calories. That's what cardio is for. Diet is something like 80% of your success. So make sure you're dialed in with that before resorting to drastic measures. It's true what @lizardking82 said. Don't keep doing something if it...
  10. amazingswayze

    Pacquaio vs Horn

    I assumed Pacquiao would win after the 12th round. The scorecard had him at 117 to 115 I believe. I was absolutely shocked when they gave Horn the title. It was a good fight. Manny landed hella clean punches. Horn was agressive. But the judges must have been on crack. On the bright...
  11. amazingswayze

    Do you take any probiotics?

    Lol at @speed dawg . Fermented food is not gross. Ever had sauerkraut on a hot dog? Tastes just like onions. I like kefir also. It was only strange-tasting the first time I had it. Honestly I think @marmel75 has a point. Why take probiotics if you could just eat tasty foods that already...
  12. amazingswayze

    Why brown rice over white rice is bullsh*t

    I dont know man. Most people prefer white rice. Its usually sticky, and they say it tastes better. Personally I like brown rice better whether it's healthier or not. The texture is just pleasing. I also seem to get full faster. Like I could eat like 2 cups or more of white rice with just a...
  13. amazingswayze

    Dating a Girl Going Through Divorce

    I wouldn't wanna be somebody else's rebound. That's just me.
  14. amazingswayze

    Did the forum layout change again?

    Did the forum layout change again?
  15. amazingswayze

    Slightly stained teeth

    Fluoride rinse after brushing teeth
  16. amazingswayze

    Does it pay to be moral in life

    I've never met a "devout" Christian. None of us are perfect so I hate when people try to make it seem that way. Ya feel?
  17. amazingswayze

    Starting a Plant-Based Lifestyle

    Keep this thread going man!
  18. amazingswayze

    Why is my max bench press so low?

    How does decline compare to incline for you personally? Doesn't the blood rush to your head? Is it more dangerous than incline?
  19. amazingswayze

    Diet critique for Fat loss

    The food choices are not bad but you need to see how many calories YOU actually burn on a daily basis. Personally 2500 is closer to maintenance for me. If you want to lose 1 lb of fat per week, aim for a 500 calorie deficit once you establish your TDEE.
  20. amazingswayze

    Diet critique for Fat loss

    Calories are too high. Also why 6 meals? Is that really going to satisfy you? You should try intermittent fasting.