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  1. amazingswayze

    Do you take any probiotics?

    We all know digestive health is very important. It's even been said by some people that your gut is "your second brain". Do you take any probiotics? I was interested in starting myself off with something cheap to experiment but all of the ones I've seen are so damn expensive. I've been...
  2. amazingswayze

    Intermittent Fasting Anyone?

    Just started intermittent fasting today. My last meal was 6pm last night and I broke my fast today at 11am with a protein shake after hitting legs, shoulders, and basketball at the gym. I plan on my feeding window being from 11am-7pm. I've attempted it before and it didn't last long but now I...
  3. amazingswayze

    Eggs and Oats = Bodybuilder's Breakfast?

    So for the last 6 months roughly, I've been eating eggs and oats for breakfast. 2 fried eggs, no more no less. 1/2 cup dry plain quick oats. If I'm making an omelette I'll throw some shredded cheese and seasoning (Mrs. Dash) in with the eggs. I also add cinnamon, almond milk, and 1 scoop of...
  4. amazingswayze

    HIIT for Fat Loss

    Any of you guys have experience with HIIT? I'm trying to take my regimen to the next level and I think it's about time I swap out distance running for HIIT sprints. I used to run 1 mile at varying speeds before lifting (anywhere from 6mph to 8mph). Today I did some HIIT on the treadmill...
  5. amazingswayze

    Bodybuilding.com Sick Deal on Whey Protein!

    Hey guys, just thought I would give you all a heads-up on a deal I found while browsing bodybuilding.com. I don't know about you, but whey protein is essential to me. I used to swear by Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, but I've branched out and realized that there's better proteins with...
  6. amazingswayze

    Why is my max bench press so low?

    I don't understand it. I feel like I have a weak chest. I'm still struggling with 135 but when it comes to squats and deadlift I can push 225 no beef. I need to step it up but it seems like no matter what I do each week I can't step up my bench. How did you guys work on your bench press?
  7. amazingswayze

    Learning to Cook

    Being able to cook well is a valuable skill for any self-reliant man. Seeing as how this can be a major means of self-improvement, I want to learn how to cook. I'm just going to start with the basics. I can already make an omelette. I dice peppers, onions, throw some shredded cheese in there...
  8. amazingswayze

    2016 Summer Olympics

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet, but what are your thoughts? Who are you rooting for? Favorite sports? I personally took a strong interest in martial arts after watching a gold medal judo match last week. Olympics look crazy
  9. amazingswayze

    Is it possible to lose weight and not count calories?

    What's up guys, Swayze here, trying to lose weight for the summer and keep it off. I've lost weight before but I did it through strict dieting and weight training. My question is, can I lose weight this summer by simply lifting, playing a lot of basketball (cardio), and eating junk only in...
  10. amazingswayze

    Self Improvement: Phase 2

    I finally reached that point. I'm tired of who I'm becoming. I've turned into a lazy, antisocial, pessimist. I haven't worked out in 3 months, and I gave up on my diet around that time as well. I was much happier when I was dieting and exercising although it was a grind. Some days it would...
  11. amazingswayze


    Hey all, I got some stuff I need to get off my chest. You don't have to read this if you don't want to. My life has been a fog ever since winter break. I am doing absolutely nothing. I think I am addicted to video games. Back when I was going to the gym, I didn't even touch my Playstation...
  12. amazingswayze

    Social Proof is Persuasion

    Recently, I got a part-time job at my school as a student ambassador. As a requirement, today I went to a leadership workshop. It wasn't what I thought it would be; it was mostly just a lame powerpoint presentation about how to give presentations (ironic) but one thing that stuck with me kind...
  13. amazingswayze

    How would Hillary Clinton being elected impact Feminism?

    Fellas, I bring you a political question. What do you guys think?
  14. amazingswayze

    I checked out of reality

    Let me tell you about how my life has been this past month. It has been my first break off of college as I am in my freshman year. While school was in session, I was positive, studying, keeping up my grades, hitting the gym, losing weight, dieting keeping hygiene on point, using time...
  15. amazingswayze

    Does your mom annoy you?

    Today I was f*cking pissed. I was my mom's chaeuffer. I drove her around because she had surgery the other day and she said that she needed me to drive which apparently isn't true because she can drive now. Yesterday she told me we were going to go out in the A.M. for a blood test and she...
  16. amazingswayze

    Am I being too Extreme?

    I come here with a question. Lately, I have not been giving a crap about basically anything. It's winter break, and I literally have a month off of school. In this time, roughly 2 weeks so far, I haven't done anything except play hella video games and got baked. I have no desire to do...
  17. amazingswayze

    Any Football Fans?

    Week 17 of the NFL. How are you guys feeling about the playoffs? Personally, today was a sad day as I watched my Jets flail miserably in a game where they could have locked up a playoff spot. They had so much momentum. Now, I don't know who to root for. A cool superbowl would be Pittsburgh...
  18. amazingswayze

    Christmas at 18

    So now this is my first year being 18. I don't feel drastically different at all but my attitude has changed a bit. This year, I had no Christmas spirit. I didn't even ask for anything other than a fitbit and a food scale. I haven't opened up presents yet but I'm sure my mom got me more...
  19. amazingswayze

    Masturbation, Porn, and Fantasies

    How do you guys feel about beating off to chicks you'll probably never bang in real life? Is masturbation a bad thing? How much is too much? Does it effect your testosterone? I've read other peoples opinions on sites like yahoo answers, reddit, etc... but I never got the chance to hear...
  20. amazingswayze

    Food Scales

    I've been counting calories for the last few months in my efforts to lose weight and after only estimating my portions I decided it is about time to invest in a food scale. I'm looking around on the internet but I don't have a clue which one is best for me. Does anybody here use food scales...