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    Quick Thinking Has It's Advantages

    Studying theories has it's advantages but there's a lot to be said for being agile and thinking on your feet. Pe prepared to take advantage of impromptu opportunities and you'll be surprised at what you can get yourself into. :up: British tourist talks his way into Hollywood role
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    Prominent Millionaire's Wife Pissed About Pre-nup; Publicly Posts Her Predicament

    Oh yeah, being rich will solve all your relationship problems with women... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx_WKxqQF2o
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    For Guitarist: Reasons Why Guitars are Better Than Women

    Got this in an email. Why Guitars are Better Than Women A guitar has a volume knob If you break a guitar's G-string, it only costs $. 79 for a new one You can make a guitar scream as loud as you want it to You can unplug a guitar You can finger a guitar for hours without it complaining...
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    Japanese firm offers "heartache leave" for staff

    Currently I'm speechless (but it won't last long). Feel free to comment. http://uk.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUKT8913820080128
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    Eddie Murphy and new wife split after two weeks

    WTF is going on with relationships in America???! http://www.reuters.com/article/entertainmentNews/idUSN1613015920080117
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    How to Make a Woman Happy

    This topic came up in a coffee shop conversation with a couple of women who were listing the qualities of a man that would make them happy. Basically they were looking for stereotypical Disney-like Prince Charming. It prompted me to dig up this list that has been floating around the Net...
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    Another Interesting Method to Meet a Ton of Women at Once: Lock and Key Parties

    Anyone ever hear of these of have attended one? I was invited to one last night and it sounds like fun so I'm going to attend. Lock and Key parties are organized events similar to speed dating in that it brings together a ton of people to meet one another however these parties have NO time...
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    Short Documentary: What Do Women (girls) Want?

    I try to stay out of this section of the forum but someone passed along this link to me as a joke but it may be beneficial to you guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvAfbscBmM8 Now I've gotta go, this place reeks of Axe body spray...
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    Step into a bazaar situation? Ask yourself WWBD (What would Bonaduce do)?

    Yeah, the guy has been the poster child of a a multi-engine train wreck but yet he seems to always bounce back with a "Who the fvck do you think you are?" type attitude when confronted. Maybe he's trying to get back into the media spotlight (yeah right :rolleyes:); none the less, the guy takes...
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    Don't Let Your Deficiencies Hold You Back, You DO Have Strengths...

    ... especially when it comes to your quest in sarging women.... Georgia Man Dies After Armless Man Headbutts Him During Fight You just can't make these things up... :crazy: Don't miss checking out the video interviewing the victim's sister.
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    Study on pick-up lines...

    Male faith in racy chat-up lines misplaced, study says.
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    Somebody should....

    I was out today with some friends and we started playing a game called "Somebody should..." It's basically a rant about things in general that it would be great if somebody did something to help fix the problem (or at least make it easier to deal with). Somebody should create a place where...
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    Semi takes wheelchair-bound man on 50 MPH ride

    C'mon, admit it; you all have wondered what would happen if a.... Semi takes wheelchair-bound man on 50 MPH ride
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    MEET the women who find rippling muscles and chiselled good looks a complete turn-off

    Just stirring the pot. Take from it whatever you wish... http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,11000-2007230354,00.html
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    Alec Baldwin: Major AFC; Out of Control

    The actor (used loosely) Alec Baldwin has been in a tumultuous custody battle with Kim Basinger. It has exposed his AFC ways as shown in a voice mail message obtained by TMZ.com. Fellas, whatever happens in your life, don't become this guy. Oh yeah, he's not talking to Kim. Listen to the...
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    Fergie's Got Some "Hump" Competition

    My Humps (an interpretation) Hey, call it art... :p
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    Gives Up Sex to Live Longer

    :confused: :eek: :nervous: :crackup: Oh, where to begin..... http://www.javno.com/en/lifestyle/clanak.php?id=31243
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    Husband Saws House In Half During Bitter Divorce

    Hmmmm, could have been easier if he had thought about having a prenuptial.... :rock: http://kutv.com/topstories/local_story_068161301.html
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    Another Example of a Guy Who Did Not Qualify His Woman

    Anyone care to count how many mistakes this guy has made? Woman Pleads Guilty to Hitting Boyfriend With Baby
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    AFC Gets Revenge On Ex In Front Of Campus on Valentine' Day

    Disclaimer: I was bored.... Guy goes through elaborate 3-week plan in order to break up with his girl in front of a crowd. The first video starts getting good midway through. The funniest thing to me is that the guy looks and sounds a lot like Billy Bob Thorton's character in Slingblade...