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    Enough of the ELITE_WOMANIZER

    Why haven't you guys ignored him yet?
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    Keys to Don Juan

    Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Pook is Allen...? :-D
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    My first sucessful "first" date-DJ STYLE

    Okay...you did good brother! Macking is not an exact science, but it is an artform! However it's time for us DJ's to take our game to another level, and I'm about to tell you how. It has to do with figuring out a woman's representational system during conversation. This is what you do. You...
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    Pull up your seats,boys, the master is speaking....

    The bottom line is that most guys that came to this site, got rejected a few times and became gun shy! At best this place should be just the kind of support every AFC needs because we can see that this kind of shyt happens to everyone. Get some balls...get off you azz and mack! That can be...
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    Lets hear your Stories of REJECTION! + my story of rejection

    Doood...how many times have I fukkin' overreacted! I sympathize.
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    side project!learned alot!long post!

    What you did right was break up with her first! Once you keep that power, they'll always call. The girl found out about this thing too... Never let 'em find where you get your tactics or that you actually have tactics. Let 'em read Men's Health or something.
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    There is a way out the friendship zone i did it..

    In her mind, she always wanted to be more than friends. She didn't have time to write you off because you were always a challenge. Someone else said that earlier. The fact of the matter is, her interest level was always high to begin with and only increased as she saw what a great guy...
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    I'm amazed that it worked personally. I'd think it make a girl feel cheap if you said you were just asking people randomly. Oh well...
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    Lets hear your Stories of REJECTION! + my story of rejection

    This rejection story happened to me this past year at college. Okay so I get this hot girl and her friend to come back to my room to drink after a big ball at our college. Anyway the three of us are drinking and telling stories, and I'm playing a video game (Super Mario Brothers - A Classic)...
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    3 "Psychic Seduction Techniques" (long text)

    I've always believed that if the end was wrong, the end was going to be flawed too. No doubt energy building and "unleashing" energy are real and very powerful things, but using them to make people like you sounds like a bad use for good energy. Maybe if we use it to set good moods and improve...
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    Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part III

    I'm still a suscriber to the Bruce Lee way of thinking..."Flow like water," which means let everything come naturally and bend to match it. I don't like predetermined courses of action very much. You never know what might be thrown your way so you just have to roll with the punches.
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    Lets hear your Stories of REJECTION! + my story of rejection

    He was high...you can't blame him for that one. Well one my worst rejections happened when I went to spend the weekend with this girl I'd met at a camp. We really hit it off during the camp, and were really close. We were holding hands, flirting, and having a lot of fun crushing on each...
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    If at first you don't succeed...

    You know that Aaliyah song..."If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself up and try again..." Well besides being great advice for life, it's also a little known Don Juan secret that separates the chumps from the Cassanovas. Women have defenses even when they like you... Most of us take off...
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    I'm sure all of you guys know that when approaching anyone (esp. women) nothing is more cordial and inviting than a bright eyed smile. It is also a great way to gauge initial interest. First of all, smiling puts everyone at ease. It reassures them that you mean well and "come in peace."...
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    true story about being a challenge

    Great story indiorunner! This has to be probably the best "real life" story (with a moral all DJ's should know) I've read on this site. Being a challenge is the number one thing in sustaining a relationship. If you remember one thing in life, let that thing be to live life the way that makes...
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    Cesspool of Knowledge

    -Don't lose your self-respect for her (even if this means you don't get the girl). -Don't ever let her know anything she says or does hurts you (unless obviously you're in a relationship with her already). -Don't show weakness (but do show compassion, understanding, sympathy). -Don't put up...
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    Become a GREAT lover!

    What state do you live in? Are you even in the US? That's just downright illegal. Sixteen years old mate...! Oh well. Get 'em while they're young right [This message has been edited by Rico (edited 05-17-2001).]
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    Would you be mad if....

    I'm finally a fukkin Master Don Juan! Hellz Yeah!!! Well bro, I think you've got your answer. Perhaps the question should better be posed this way. If a girl that was a friend of yours asked you to Hawaii to be her "companion" and you were involved in a relationship with this other girl for 4...
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    The Law of Reality (Life Changing Stuff)

    Well, if the woman doesn't know what she wants and you've done everything every budding Don Juan should do to establish your interest in her, put the ball in her court. That's what that whole post was about it anyway. But Mr. Suave, she's giving off confusing cues. Acting like she likes me...
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    Would you be mad if....

    I don't mean to have her really call you everyday...it's just saying that you really care about her (figure of speech). Personally I wouldn't put up with after being in a serious relationship with a woman for 4 mos. Listen, you should feel a little insecure if your girlfriend is going to a...