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  1. Black Widow Void

    The common factor between carpet and women

    If you lay 'em right the first time.... you can walk over 'em long afterward.
  2. Black Widow Void

    Lessons learned/explained which may help newer members

    This is a posting where we humble ourselves a little; admitting our previous blunders, confusion etc.. and how we learned and improved from it all. Perhaps some younger or less experienced viewers might learn from our blunders. For instance; When younger, it seemed like I was cursed (it makes...
  3. Black Widow Void

    Do you voluntarily wear a mask in public places

    Just curious... and if curious of my answer, it's "no."
  4. Black Widow Void

    re: Rules Enforcement - Political Discussions

    Since my first computer that was capable of going on line, I've always had a love/hate relation with the internet. The one positive is that this allows those of us in search of broader thoughts, perspectives etc... to go beyond our local 'real-life neighborhood' circle (this includes...
  5. Black Widow Void

    Razor blade suggestion?

    Ever since the gilette "what's a man" campaign, I've switched products. Off of ebay, I ordered a "butterfly" razor - which came with razor blades. I'm down to my last blade. The only blades available in my store are the brand that I've boycotted. I can't recall the blades that came with my...
  6. Black Widow Void

    Cheating: What was your experience / afterthought

    A lot of us come from different walks of life. It might be interesting to read from different perspectives. Over 30 years ago, while in college I cheated on a girlfriend. Her best friend was the 'Miss Popular" head cheer-leader type. At 22, I'd never slept with a "9" or "10" and so, I did the...
  7. Black Widow Void

    A thought for the new year

    Though I've been a member here for close to ten years, I've been more active over this past year. One common occurrence I've lately noticed is the reaction that some of the "old-timers" give to the new member. In a lot of cases, the new member arrives here walking wounded.... and/or also...
  8. Black Widow Void

    Notice a difference -female vs demographics?

    This is more of a generalization (yes, there are exceptions to the rule etc...) Just curious if any of you have noticed that women from different U.S. areas are culturally different. I'll give an example, I was raised in the south. Oddly enough, the best satisfying relationships I've had were...
  9. Black Widow Void

    Internet Stalking (welcome to our dark side)

    This is not to suggest that I entirely condone this behavior. I don't. I've never snooped on a woman's computer or attempted to look at her cellphone. You could say that I draw the line at some point. However, for those of you that still do online dating, you don't enjoy or appreciate getting...
  10. Black Widow Void

    Dopamine Spikes

    Before going further, I realize that there will be some members that 'claim' this has never happened to them. Okay, sure. What ever. I'll save you the time from offering nothing productive and build you up by saying "you are the man" or something else uplifting. Anyway... back to the topic of...
  11. Black Widow Void

    Astrology (yes I know you probably don't believe in it)

    I think it's a given that most members aren't into astrology and consider it to be unfounded. I also believe that we can subconsciously look for 'meaning' in order to confirm our biases. With the above said, I'm going to include a link that details certain characteristics per birth date (and...
  12. Black Widow Void

    Sharing a laugh (at my expense)

    There are at last three things on my phone that I find uninteresting; emoji's, animation and photo filters. I don't see myself making this mistake twice, but thought that I'd bring this topic up - for others that keep this avenue open. I use facebook (and yes, I understand and can agree with...
  13. Black Widow Void

    I hope my observations are proven wrong - your thoughts?

    This posting is not be associated with the blanketed anti-female rants. Instead, these are observations and hopefully, others can offer something more positive. In another posting, the topic of "suicide" was mentioned. It appears that most of us that are a little older, know or know of some...
  14. Black Widow Void

    Most common name of our conquests

    I noticed a posting about the types of women we seem to attract and this got me to thinking. What name has earned more notches on bedpost. If derivatives count (such as Teresa, Theresa, Terri etc...) My winner name is Cathy (including the derivative Kathy, Kathleen, Catherine). Maybe a...
  15. Black Widow Void

    What's your experience with attractive, but introverted socially awkward women?

    This is an area in which I confess to having lesser success. This isn't being asked from a pick-up standpoint, but from that of intro to attraction. We're not talking 9's or 10's, but the 7's or 8's that are of usually higher intelligence, lacking smugness and are more comfortable with...
  16. Black Widow Void

    meetup angle pros/cons and tips

    If you're single in a town like mine and over 40, the pickin's get a bit slimmer. Like plenty of you, I've searched OLD and see lots of girls that have been on there for years and if not bad enough, they never seem to bother updating their photo. The meetup option seems to be an option somewhere...
  17. Black Widow Void

    A respected company rebuts Gillette's message

    The psychology behind their commercial is top-shelf. Don't let the soft music in the background or the million dollar smiles toward the end fool you. It is made to appeal to women and their emotions (in a good way) and also sends a positive message about men. Their watches are a little out of...
  18. Black Widow Void

    what's your perspective on this?

    When visiting my brother and sister-in-law, I will occasionally run into her best friend and neighbor. I've known her as an acquaintance for many years (usually bumping into her about twice a year) . Here's where a pal of mine said I'm being overly-dismissive. Maybe I am or maybe I'm not. I'm...
  19. Black Widow Void

    losing inner game on the 2nd phase

    I realize that women are more emotional than logic. Realizing this VS understanding or applying this to women is a difficult thing (at least for me). I could really use some tips either here with some web links. I consider myself fortunate as to my ability to meet and attract women, but...
  20. Black Widow Void

    Gradually leaning toward AFC could use quick pointers

    Right now, I'm on fairly solid ground, but if I keep at it, I know I'm going to sink. Yes, I know about "spinning plates" "oneitus" etc... I could use some advice which goes beyond the quick reference. Been seeing a girl for six weeks (we are both late 40's). Sex of course has occurred...