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    How do you prefer to be rejected?

    Hi Mature Men and Sosuavers! I have a question for you that has perplexed me since coming to this forum years and years ago. So a big issue often discussed on this forum, and a real life issue for many men, is friendship between men and women. Many here do not see it as possible. Also, men...
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    5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

    http://www.cracked.com/article_19785_5-ways-modern-men-are-trained-to-hate-women.html I think it's worth a read. Do you REALLY want to open your mind and free yourself of the so called "matrix"?
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    Salad is bad for you. And so are eggs, avocados, and soy.

    Hi guys! I recently visited an Asian alternative medicine person to get some ideas on a better diet, since I've never been one for "healthy". The guidelines sent to me were pretty hardcore, and I'd love some opinions. Bad food: coffee, pop/soda, energy drinks, store bought juices...
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    Razor Sharp?

    Does anyone know what is up with him? He disappeared after this post http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?p=1792235#post1792235 which was months ago.
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    Hawaii is more than just one island.

    So I think I am about to buy one of these on sale tickets to Hawaii, but when I go to click buy, it asks which island. :eek: :confused: And they are all so different! I DO want to go to the island LOST or Jurassic Park was filmed on, but I also want some kind of civilization, awesome...
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    Happy Thanksgiving! ???

    You can find more details by doing some research. Basically, Thanksgiving is a Native American holiday that was celebrated way before Europeans arrived in America. And there is truth that the natives helped the settlers, with learning how to cultivate food and which plants were poisonous...
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    Can you develop a drinking allergy?

    Hi fitness and health guys! I have another more general thread here: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?p=1749793#post1749793 but I was hoping to also hear from some of you fellas who might know what is going on from a health standpoint. Basically, for the past year or so, I have...
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    Drinking = puking

    This is something that has been happening for the past year. I go out maybe 2-3 times a month, and usually half of the time, I get very sick afterwards. I have tried to go from whiskey and cokes, to safer flavored vodkas and sodas, to adding grenadine so I don't taste the alcohol. I have...
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    What do you investors think about the Motley Fool?

    I just got an email from them asking for $187 of my hard earned dollars because they are so awesome and will make me rich, and they consistently crush the S&P 500. Now being a complete newbie to this world of gambling, I really don't know how great that is, or how full of sh!t. I mean, SOUNDS...
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    Are you confident that the recession is over?

    This kind of ties into my invest $1000 post, as I've been reading old threads that discuss investments and investing. Just now I am reading this thread, from over a year ago, with extremely dismal views on when to jump in the stock pool. Do you think a lot has changed in this past year...
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    Investing $1000 a month

    So I'll be saving $500 to $1000 a month, but I think it would be more productive to funnel it into some kind of investment so it can actually grow moreso than just adding loot without it doing anything. Loosely saying any of that, does anyone here have any kind of advice or ideas into what I...
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    LMS, holla at me, son

    Or if anyone knows his email address, that would be just awesome. :D
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    What makes you cool?

    This is really a question, not some how to thread. First and foremost, I am a girl, for the newbies. :D And please ignore or report any flaming posts that will inevitably be made by those who fear and oppose my gender. :p Recently I have noticed an alarming trend among the young...
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    A RANT: Share why you are p!ssed

    I'll start. I am mad that my mom thinks I owe her $90 when I know I only owe her $10. I am mad that I can't save up $$$ to buy a new car. I don't even know why I can't... and that makes me more mad! I make money!!! Where does it go? I don't know! And that p!sses me off! I am mad...
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    If you could move anywhere in the USA, where would you go?

    And why? Of course this wouldn't have to be permanent, could be just for a year or three. What places hold intrigue for you?
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    OMG My New La Petite Salope arrived!!!

    It looks kind of like the fifth one HERE, but black and newer! OMG! :crazy:
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    The Reminder

    The MM Forum is great in a way that there are some really deep thinkers here, dwelving into the deep abyss of their minds to bring you something real to think about and to ponder. Unfortunately, when this deep focus is turned to the subject of women, I think it has the tendency to backfire on...
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    Anyone in Marketing here?

    Because of something I used to do a few years back, I have had quite a few businesses asking me to come in and do some marketing for them. Recently I have decided to take someone on, but I have some pretty simple questions that I don't know the answer to, and can't find easily on the internet...
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    Why Does Man Lie?

    I am going to keep this extremely bare of a question, before I go deeper into what is on my mind. The only structure I want to give to this discussion at this point, is that I mean Man, as in men. I am well aware all people lie, but I'd like to focus on the reason men lie. Discuss.
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    People are good... in Japan!!!

    Loot in the mailbox... TOKYO (AFP) - An unemployed man in Japan had an unexpected windfall in his mailbox when he found one million yen (10,000 dollars) in cash from an anonymous benefactor, police said Friday. The 61-year-old man discovered the wad of cash last week along with a slip of...