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    Ideas for building a social circle?

    Register in school again. Be the organiser of a meetupp group. Be a sports team coach/captain. Any other ideas?
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    Success: Gaining trust, am I on the right track?

    A few standards I hold myself to in order to gain trust.(pick any situation, place or scenario in life) 1. Honesty and accountability without attitude. 2. Do what I say I'm going to do 3. Honour each person who interacts with me with respect 4. Give admiration freely if its felt by me 5. Give...
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    Will Covid-19 leave permanent changes for recovered survivors; a change such as sterility?

    I'm thinking of this. I haven't read anywhere that it does yet.
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    Help with transitioning-Feminist to Put

    Had a journeywoman explain that in West Virginia you see "put" women-ladies not required to work outside the home. How would a "career woman" (blue collar, lower-lower middle class so-called feminist) transition to this? Post wall and medium-low CC; Pygmalian syndrome and anti-natalist...
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    Memory thoughts: Leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime

    Hearing a song, smelling a scent.... I had an ex from 1993 that ramped up exposing me to so many musical genres(he had the means to buy lots of cds) He went through so many colognes-pretty much covering all the nuanced scent 'flavours'(I don't know how to describe the...