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    Nexting too quick?

    Yep, that's why most guys on the forum dont get laid, there too busy trying to look alpha lol. Keep friendly contact with as many females as possible, learned that in high school, as long as she doesnt straight up ignore me then I keep there number.....
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    Is she still attracted but has to deattach?

    Nah your just overthinking.
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    How to turn an ex girlfriend into a plate?

    Call her and tell her to come over to your house, then fvck her, that's it. Of she rejects your advances then forget about her.
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    What happen?? **Update***

    Stop d!ckriding, you think your some super hero coming to his rescue lol if you had any common sense you would know he is a troll who has made 17 other threads about this same girl, your just making yourself look foolish.
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    Girl calling me "Daddy"

    Lmaooo, good one I mean the guy is getting called daddy, and makes a thread about as if hes trying to figure out the psychological behind it lol
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    Girl calling me "Daddy"

    No it's not, and daddy is not a pet name
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    Girl calling me "Daddy"

    Girl calls you daddy and you make a thread about it? Who cares? It's a good thing, I don't see how you have the time to try to find the psychological reason behind it lol
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    Difficult girl on tinder

    Lol at the replies so far...... First of why so serious? It wasnt that big of a deal, like you guys on this forum act like every little thing Is some "bad" type of behavior, so quick to disregard women over the smallest of slights just to look cool and "fake" like you dont care(which you do...
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    Girlfriends ex ****buddy? How to react

    I agree with my boy glass, I would turn her into a plate, I understand that you like her and that's cool but sometimes with certain women your better off just being friends that have sex with eachother from time to time. Y'all can talk, hang out, fvck ect you dont have to treat her like a trashy...
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    Infidelity Report

    Its because they want to have there cake and eat it too, they want the perks of being in a relationship and still get to fvck others and have fun. A open relationship would mean they have to except that there partner is fvcking others and nobody wants that lol
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    Asking the girl to come to my house and find herself if she likes me or not.

    Read this 10 times.......move on If shes legit interested she will come around
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    Infidelity Report

    It's not about a thrill lol It's called meeting someone else you wanna fvck. And how would there be hurt feelings if the person doesnt know about it.
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    How Do You "Cope?"

    How the hell did Jerry get banned and biggoal still here, the mods are something else boy I tell you.
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    Infidelity Report

    It's the same bro, no reason to act like theres a difference, hooking up outside a relationship is the same for both men and women, there is no difference..... Variety, that's it. They treat there partners good and are always there for them but they just like to get a lil something on the...
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    Infidelity Report

    Shrugs, call it what you want...... A man is only as faithful as his options, Guys dont cheat because they dont have the option too, it's not like they have girls constantly throwing pvssy at them lol Of course theres rules to the exception but you get my point.
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    Infidelity Report

    How are you confused? Yes they cheat Both men and women, it's normal and common. With the exception of one or two people I know.... Every guy and girl I know has hookups here and there outside of there relationships, it's called variety, doesnt matter if there happy or not lol.
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    Infidelity Report

    What world do you guys live in where this is not common? This is pretty normal, I personally have one or two female friends who dont cheat, every other one of them have hookups on the side, and dont even get me started on my homeboys lol I dont know any guy who doesnt fvck a bunch of girls...
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    Firs date - should I next her for this?

    98% of men on this forum.
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    How do you think you'd fair in a different generation?

    If I have the same face as I do now then I would fair pretty good in any generation I suppose.