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    What happened to Francisco d'anconia?

    Oh, he was bodybuilder built, yeah?... CLUE #1 http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=60002 ;) I could be wrong, but I am like 95% certain. I did a lot of digging around back when we worried that squirrels committed suicide. squirrels also had a lot of people thinking he was black...
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    What happened to Francisco d'anconia?

    I did some investigating too.... He is Pook, by the way.
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    Having platonic female friends. Do it!

    I don't know why ( . )( . ) is fighting this thread so hard, when him and me are best friends. :)
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    Girl has sex with me on first date... Haven't really heard from her since the day aft

    She wants you to take the lead. You are a man, it's been a few days, so contact her.
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    There are so many men out there that need help.

    He is weak, the marriage is broken and he isn't doing anything about it. He needs to either 1. Leave. In some form. 2. Resign to having a mistress. Plain and simple, a man (and a woman!) has needs. If they aren't being taken care of and the issue isn't being addressed, then it...
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    Please share your wisdom - what should I do?

    Chicago is often referred to as the Second City, for a reason. It is right behind New York City in terms of sophistication and options. Our transportation system is only beaten by NYC. DO NOT stay near the airports, when downtown is a super easy $2, 35 minute train ride away. Also, you are...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    Only one link is from a forum, a forum that has lawyers like you giving advice. The rest are directly from the state's website on their laws. The last link and post I made was directly from the tenant's guide book published by the state of New York. Since the GF is paying half of the rent, if...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    I think I may have mentioned that I have been through this personally so I am speaking from experience? Also google is your friend, just make sure that you are gaining your knowledge from reputable sources and not yahoo answers. If lawyers were gods then we wouldn't have courts. Here is...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    If anyone wants to really find out what is up, maybe actually call a lawyer who works with tenant law, which I am sure now is not Brad's specialty here, and tell them you want your girlfriend who has been living with you and paying rent to move out, and can you just throw her stuff out. See...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    Oh, so is she an occupant, or a licensee? And I already introduced you to that law, didn't you read my links? Q. What can a landlord do if there is a person living in the premises who was invited to stay by the former tenant before the tenant moved out? A. If there is someone living in the...
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    Marriage And Oral Sex

    I recently bought some grape flavored lube just because it was on like 90% clearance. I'm a sucker for stuff that is almost free. Didn't use it for like 6 months. Then remembered I had it. YUM YUM YUM, is all I have to say about that! It's true, most women get off on control, as in making...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    The girlfriend lives there and pays half of the rent, and she does not need a lease to be a legal resident. What she has is considered a month to month lease at this point. Which is probably a violation of the boyfriends lease with his landlord. Since you can practice law in NY, Brad, maybe...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    Brad that is not true. Maybe in Canada although I doubt it is much different there, but in the USA, it is very hard to get someone out of your apartment if they have been living there illegally or legally. Once she starts paying rent, and he starts accepting her payments, she legally lives...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    Brad, I am surprised that as a lawyer you do not know that the GF is indeed legally entitled to live in the apartment now, unless the boyfriend goes through a lengthy eviction process to force her out. Of course, the BF could also get in serious trouble with his landlord for having a person...
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    New stock pick-MMRF possible life changer

    MMRF is down today, and it looks like dilution on news. Any comments or advice to those who may have followed your advice and bought this the other day, cordoncordon?
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    Is this a fact that you can attest to personally? :rolleyes: There are two main points here. One is that she is paying rent so she lives there legally. There is absolutely nothing you can do if she decides to freak out on you in a small way by wanting to be able to decorate her apartment...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    You guys crack me up. She has "her stuff" there. What stuff? Some clothes and toiletries? Or her dresser, all of her clothes and shoes, and if she hates your bachelor couch, she has free reign to throw it out to make room for some of her stuff? Because if she is paying half of the rent, but...
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    New stock pick-MMRF possible life changer

    You can call it what you want. You were hyping RTGV all day when it was at .01 levels and now it's at .0004. You were also still hyping MMRF when it was at .3, and it fell to the levels it is at now. Buyer beware. cordoncordon makes some good calls, but he also makes some very bad ones...
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    Girl Acting Strange After I got her to pay half the rent

    The two aren't really related. I know you think they are, but they are not. Buying food and making it are totally different then living together. Truth is she should just suck it up and buy the food since she is always staying there. I can see why she might be turned off by the fact that he...
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    Plate about to blow up - How to handle?

    I agree^^^. Anyways, I don't see what my ego has to do with anything. I'm not dating the OP. I have never dated a guy that I would consider to be that dense. The bottom line is, no grown man should be saying "that is sweet" to a woman. Seems like a womanly thing to say period, and also...