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  1. taiyuu_otoko

    Woman confesses she no longer loves BF after finding out he was raped

    She's not judging him. She's no longer attracted to him. Like somebody on the keto diet was halfway through something and found out it had sugar in it. No longer want it. Sucks for him, but women's attraction will turn on a dime.
  2. taiyuu_otoko

    Beta Apocalypse

    Not just hunted, we extincted those motherfvckers. Of course, we still kind of hunt large mammals... And penetrate them a underutilized spear...
  3. taiyuu_otoko

    Beta Apocalypse

    Don't know if things can get much worse than this... https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/controversial-show-sees-15-men-22068468 A new reality series s sparking controversy with its promise to 'skip the dating and go straight to the baby-making'. Fox's Labour of Love sees 15 men competing to...
  4. taiyuu_otoko

    Why would a dude want to choked during sex?

    Remember David Carradine? The kung fu dude? He died when he went overboard choking himself while rubbing one out. Auto asphyxiation - choke yourself out and blow your load right when you start to lose consciousness.
  5. taiyuu_otoko

    OnlyFans Model Cries About Not Being able To Pay Rent And being Essential!

    Sucks going hungry. Imagine that same realization times a few hundred million. That's what's coming. Collapses of civilizations tend to suck pretty hard. People often resort to eating each other.
  6. taiyuu_otoko

    An Alternative View on Confidence

    Confidence is situational, or at least it starts out that way. Built by a string of memories of doing something successfully. You can be confident making toast, and confident making various omelettes, and confidence making various casseroles. Eventually you'll gain general "cooking"...
  7. taiyuu_otoko

    COVID is a lie.

    How can it not work its way through society? This is kind of like chemotherapy. They blast both healthy cells and cancer cells with poison, hoping the healthy cells will grow back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it usually sucks pretty bad. Now they are sort of doing the...
  8. taiyuu_otoko

    Low T Gonna Kill You

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8312771/Male-coronavirus-patients-low-testosterone-levels-likely-die-COVID-19.html Male coronavirus patients with low testosterone levels are MORE likely to die from COVID-19, German hospital finds German hospital assessed the hormone levels of...
  9. taiyuu_otoko

    article: Women know if date is a potential partner within 90 seconds

    Title says "Potential Partner" Actual question is about seeing them for a second date. But: They found that woman knew whether they would be seeing their date again after one and a half minutes, and males are the more patient sex as they give their date 5 minutes to impress. So, while...
  10. taiyuu_otoko

    Kinda Conflicted on Career Choices?

    There's plenty of demand for DAW plugins and plenty of that demand is filled by musicians/programmers. I'm on a couple email lists for software instruments/plugins, and they've always got new stuff. plugin boutique / ADSR / KVR etc. The entire EDM industry is software driven (ableton push...
  11. taiyuu_otoko

    What do you guys think when you see sh!t like this?

    To most dudes who couldn't talk their way into a ladies panties to save their lives, these girls are their only choice, so to them, they ARE beautiful. Most dudes would think a tree was beautiful if they thought they had a chance to fvck the tree. fat/ugly/acne/ acceptance is directly...
  12. taiyuu_otoko

    Professionally get rid of your noisy neighbors in a none confrontational manner

    True story. Once, I long, long time ago, I was in a sharper image. They had this thing you would plug in and it would automatically emit tones to keep away pests. I flipped it on and some dude a couple meters away immediately shrieked and grabbed his ears. I didn't hear anything. There's...
  13. taiyuu_otoko

    Total ABUSE of power

    Islamic countries are Sunni (Saudi Arabia) and Shia (Iran). Those dudes hate each other. I tend to agree. I think the odds are very high that the next decade, starting soon, is going to suck, and a lot of people are going to die. Unless the Fed buys everybody's debt, companies overloaded...
  14. taiyuu_otoko

    Total ABUSE of power

    Who vs. Who? My opinion: USA Euro (France, UK, Germany) Saudi Arabia Israel Japan vs. China Russia Iran
  15. taiyuu_otoko

    UNPOPULAR OPINION: only believers should pay the church-part of tax

    You don't pay for churches. The people who give money to churches pay for churches. Churches don't pay taxes on that money, but how do you figure you are paying for churches? A better argument would be that you are paying taxes and they aren't so it's not fair. A counter to that would be to...
  16. taiyuu_otoko

    Do you think 80s Muslim men decided to go along with strict, religious female fashion because they could see how Westernization was causing hypergamy?

    I don't think it has to do with women specifically, but it was a general move in the opposite direction of the west. The Shah was a CIA plant, who let american oil companies take Iran's resources. That's right around the time the petrodollar was created, US forcing oil producing countries to...
  17. taiyuu_otoko

    Women Are Too Indecisive To Go Shopping

    Jesus dude. She was flirting with you and you inadvertently telegraphed your premature ejaculation problem.
  18. taiyuu_otoko

    Women Are Too Indecisive To Go Shopping

    Says a Japanese politician. Imagine if Trump said this! https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/japanese-mayor-men-should-do-shopping-women-are-indecisive-and-take-forever The mayor of Osaka, Japan is taking heat after suggesting that men should do the grocery shopping amid the coronavirus...
  19. taiyuu_otoko

    Red Pill ruins romantic music

    That's on you, not red pill BS. Kind of like learning to separate, in your mind, any musicians political beliefs with their music. If you expect the world to believe and behave in the way you prefer, you're going to have problems. Most, if not all, of Red Pill is simply childish temper...