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    Ganji Games: "A Last Ditch Effort To Get The Girl"

    I'm here to say that Ganji games truly work. Most of you are probably kids trying to score. But as you get older, Ganji works on mature adult women too! I have a woman who things started out great. Passion, sex, "in love" and then she lost interest when I acted too interested and clingy and...
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    Conversation after a few dates

    I guess it depends on how old you are. watch CNN or read the paper. read reviews on independent films(chicks love them), and mention how you want to see one (just lie). ask her where her favorite place to travel is or where she'd like to go. ask her if she has siblings and if she is close to...
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    Lost and confused

    I got laid when I was 15 so I did something right! I may be turning to this site for advice, but am not taking ALL of it too seriously, just bits and pieces. Lizard has apparantly already TRIED all of this sites tips and it's gotten him ****! All I'm saying is maybe it's time for another...
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    Lost and confused

    women are not just "*****es". and your attiude sucks. these women are not graced just to be in your presence and I think that your overconfidence is what is turning these girls off and annoying them. You are obviously not one of the good looking, cool ,tough, popular guys. So your only "in" is...
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    What do I get her for Christmas?[Merged thread]

    a cashmere sweater or VERY high quality soft robe-this will cost you around $100USD. also include a handmade booklet with coupons in it. one coupon for a foot massage, one for a special date, one to...you get it. in her birthday card, write how much you APPRECIATE her and how lucky you are to...
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    What are ways to speak clearly/ better?

    it may cost some money, but you NEED a speech therapist. something like what you are describing CAN be corrected and it is EXTREMELY important to have clear, understandable speech in life. It will if it already hasn't lead to problems down the road for you. No one wants to hire someone that no...
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    40 years old, where?

    join a couple of charity groups(this means you have to open your wallet) and attend their events. good looking women (with money), participate in those.
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    OK i have a real problem with this behavior from women

    a buddy of mine once told me that if a woman flakes on you, just flush her number down the toilet and NEVER call her again.
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    Girls are afraid of Russian Mafia

    are you Russian , Russian? or Russian American? Are you Russian, Russian or Russian from one of the other former russian countries(armenia, maldive,etc.)? If you are white, Russian, I wouldn't think you should have a problem. Some Russian chicks are HOT, I should know, I was with one. Maybe...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    UPDATE she called tonight, right when i walked in the door from being with my family....we spoke for a half hour, then i said that i was going out and had to run, but that she could call me tomorrow if she wanted to ( i know that was the mistake) she also thanked me again for the roses... I...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    you're all a bunch of asses, but you're right! I wish I found this site sooner! it's too late for this one, but for the next one, I will be better prepared ( I hope) and if it matters, the ***** didn't call me today as promised Some of you were pretty raw with me, put I guess it's that tough...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    god dammit! After I hung with her and her kids 3 times now, AND sent her roses, she says that she only wants to be friends! WTF! I need help guys because I REALLY want this one! Keep in mind, she hasn't been with anyone in 3 years because of her kids ( I really do believe her) she is also a...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    thanks for the sensitive advice squirrels. I"m not giving up. I've had lots of girlfriends for the mere reason of persistence. I"ll give it some time and a few shots/strategies. After all I have nothing to lose. In the meantime of course I"ll be open to other chicks!
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    Passionless and empty

    get your real estate license, work as an assistant for a top agent for a while, then go and make some money. I don't know how polished you are, but you'll need to appear clean cut,smart, and very friendly. you can also get into the mortgage business with the same license. photography, web...
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    Now she is pregnant

    the hail mary approach sounds good, then dump her stupid ass. she's got to be stupid for even THINKING about having the kid. kiss her ass, do anything to make her abort! the kid will ruin your life. child support is expensive and if not paid a FELONY, not to mention the dmv cancels your...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    she didn't call today so far....so i know she'll call tomorrow....when she does, I will answer the phone, say I'm in a meeting, and then not call her back...she is on her way out of town with her kids to visit family so I"ll see what happens next week when she returns (i'm sure she'll call...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    i need step by step advice...she's going to call probably today or tomorrow. should I tell her I'm in a meeting? tell her I"m in a meeting and will call back but don't? mention that I am jammed busy this week and will just speak to her after the holiday? talk to her for 5 minutes, be polite...
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    i thought Ganji was only if you knew them for a while i've only known her for a week and a half---3 dates or "meetings" rather
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    I am new to this board, and this is my first time reaching out for help! someones gotta help! PLLEEEEEASE!
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    she said she wants to be FRIENDS

    okay i get it.... how should my approach be now? i know she is going to call me today or tomorrow because she said she would...should I not answer the phone? or answer and be very nice but busy? or be friends but soon mention how I "met" someone else?