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    15 men compete to IMPREGNATE a 41-year-old divorcee on bizarre reality series Labor of Love - which sees them undergoing parenting tests ......

    I think EVERY guy ever thinking of having a baby with a 40+ yo woman has to be willing to assume risks with birth defects and such. They say any female over 35 increases in chances of having various birth defect and conditions. It will also depend on her family and your family genetical history...
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    Its either 0 or 100

    I felt so liberated and free when I was in South America last year. I could hit on any girl without even a thought and know things were cool with them. It definitely felt like I went back in time pre-feminism. I've never approached so many gals before that in some time in the way I did.
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    Its either 0 or 100

    Yeah I remember that. Is it me or do any of you older guys think game has evolved into more of how to act like a normal guy these days? Eversince the internet and with guys addicted to porn, chatting online, reading various literature that would influence and shape their attitudes and behaviors...
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    Its either 0 or 100

    There's a quote: Seduction is nothing but a mirage and with enough time and repetition that mirage will slowly fade. I do believe this based on my experience. I believe you can get girls to like you but to find someone that likes you for the long term, is very hard unless they are 100% into you...
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    Being around your parents too much

    Well regardless of what people say or their opinion, I'm going to go off on a tangent and say it can be a good redeeming quality for a gal in dating as long as the mom is not interfering in the relationship in anyway. I think it is similar for when guys find out the gal they're dating has a good...
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    Women Prefer Muscular Men (video)

    I didn't watch the video but have discussed this topic with gals before. Some gals feel muscular guys are too vain and high maintenance. Also they find some end up also being selfish and narcissistic on top of that. If a gal just wants a bang from a hot guy for a short term or ONS then it's fine...
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    Femininity is about nurturing the family

    This seems to be true as one of the questions that marriage counselors generally asks is if the guy feels alienated and not nurtured and he feels his wife is giving all the love and attention to the kids instead.
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    How to proceed after this flake?

    I vote this. She just got out of a LTR like you said and is marketing herself to ride the **** carousel. Just enjoy your turn and do not invest at all, as others said. Start looking for other plates/prospects in the mean time so that when(not if) she does blow you off(and she will), you will...
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    I just left my family

    The ones that say leave and NC, isn't really realistic IMO as there are kids involved here. That's a big factor... You have to think of them and do it in a way to minimize hurting them during this process. It's the adults that need to own their $hit and start acting like adults and coming to...
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    What is a fun way to tell this girl that when I first saw her I got an erection?

    This. Just let her see that you got a bulge and no words are needed. Maybe adjust your belt or reach for something in your pocket to draw her sightline down there. LOL
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    I just left my family

    First off, hate to say this but grow some balls as they clearly deflated a bit. You are still letting her get away with the same behaviors that landed you in this spot in the first place. Do you own your home(is it under your name?) and are you the only one making payments on it? If so, I would...
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    How to proceed after this flake?

    Same here. As they say, It take two. That means equal reciprocation. That's what I live by these days.
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    I'm gonna say this is not enough sometimes. I constantly remind my sons and try to both be hard and at the same time nurturing enough not to be intimidating to them in case they have any issues and need to seek out advice from someone. I try to always tell them that they can come to me with any...
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    Scheduled date... In the day, she just find a excuse (Fourth time that happened)

    Yes if you are in Brazil or anywhere in Southern Americas, IRL(in real life) seems to work so much better than the US. Last time I was in Colombia and Mexico, it literally reminded me of the ways and the crap we could get away with trying to pickup gals IRL like I used to do in the 80's. It was...
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    Scheduled date... In the day, she just find a excuse (Fourth time that happened)

    Well Instasham is mainly gals wanting validation/ego boost and showing off more than anything else. Dating is further down the list for them on that platform I find. Given that girls flake a lot on regular dating apps, it's no surprise they would even flake more on this platform that isn't...
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    Damn dudes..Russian gal I've messaged for 10 years

    That's because in Russia you can beat your wives to a certain point and not go to jail or get arrested. ;)
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    Look at their Fathers in determining LTR/Marriage Potential...

    This is not the be all, end all but I think there is some correlation that can be had with gals that's had strong alpha type fathers and ones that are still involved in their children's lives, with being good prospects for marriage or LTR. The reason why I'm posting this now and realizing it is...
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    So she just admitted to cheating on me.

    x2 Don't ever introduce any of your dates to your kids unless you've been going out for a long time and there's a LTR or marriage possiblity AND the women has mother type qualities. A lot of them say they like kids but I find they don't necessarily have the motherly traits.
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    This. Also verbal guidance from time to time is good too. For example, I taught my 9yo kid how to sell his old stuff on ebay, how to take pics, list it, and price it accordingly as well as check the ebay market for the things he likes and keep up on top of it. He did it all himself and made...
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    How to respond to this kind of message OLD

    Same. If she's being that short, she's probably cut and pasting that $hit to 100's of other dudes and being lazy and casting a wide net to see who will bite and be the sucker and give her attention she's looking for.