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  1. Scars

    Woman confesses she no longer loves BF after finding out he was raped

    Damn, I haven't been on SoSuave for a couple days.. I wasn't expecting this thread to get this much attention. A lot of people making some great points.
  2. Scars

    Got slapped on second date

    A few guys already mentioned it.. this is a girl who likes to be dominated. Slapping, hair pulling, candle wax, ropes.. all that kinky sh!t. Girls like this can be fun, but I wouldn't wife or GF. I would only proceed if you know what you're doing. She probably has some inner psychological...
  3. Scars

    Woman confesses she no longer loves BF after finding out he was raped

    Kinda f*cked up.. but further proof that women will devalue you completely if you do (or in this case experience) anything that emasculates you.
  4. Scars

    Slvt Shaming

    I have nothing against slvts, as long as you use them properly. You don't need to make them your wife or girlfriend to have fun with them.
  5. Scars

    Men's Fashion Resources

    Alpha M is a good YouTube channel if you can get past all the shameless self promoting. I recommend watching if you're 30+ and looking for a more mature look. He breaks it down in one of his videos, but all men need to "dress their age". You can't be 30 and dressing like a Soundcloud rapper...
  6. Scars

    Stamina support?

    I gave up trying to last longer. What I do instead, is after my first nut, I try to maintain hardness and keep going. With a little practice it's not that hard. Then after 1-2 minutes it starts to feel good again, and round 2 lasts way longer. If you can't do this, then work on your tongue game...
  7. Scars

    How long was your longest Oneitis?

    All of third grade.
  8. Scars

    Women want Power, not Love.

    This reminds me of something I saw on FB the other day. A women posted something a long the lines of.. "Women fvck who they want, and men fvck who they can" and some guy gave the best reply back.. he said, "Men marry who they want, women marry who they can". I thought it was absolutely hilarious.
  9. Scars

    First date - failed to make a move

    "It's always better to make a move and get rejected, than be labeled as the guy who is too much of a pvssy to make a move." - Scars
  10. Scars

    Tickling after sex

    I think you have a tickle fetish bro.
  11. Scars

    Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

    I'll admit, I got sucked into watching this show, and I think it's a great representation of how the top 1% of men actually act. You could consider pretty much all the males on that show "Alpha". Some more than others, but you know what I mean. All of them are un-apologetically sexual, and not...
  12. Scars

    What would you answer?

    "Sorry, after our last conversation I realized that things probably weren't gonna work out with us.." I think that gets the message across. No need to elaborate on anything.
  13. Scars

    Sh1t test questions

    I got one that every single guy here has heard.. "Make me!"
  14. Scars

    Need advice from Single Fathers!

    In that example, she was definitely met with some resistance. It wasn't like I just agreed to it willingly. I apologized a week later, after I said a bunch of mean sh!t to her and then ignored her for a week. That was the whole reason she wanted me to apologize. But I absolutely meant everything...
  15. Scars

    For those who deny the importance of Looks

    Go read the Pook book about his skinny to buff transformation. Gaining some muscle is one of the easiest things you guys can do to gain a couple points on the attraction scale. Everyone reading this forum should be lifting or at least doing some calisthenics weekly.
  16. Scars

    Need advice from Single Fathers!

    I went through something similar with my baby mama once we broke up and she started dating someone else. I know every single time she gets a new boyfriend because when I have my daughter, her mom will start making up excuses about why she can't pick her up and will keep trying to push it back 1...
  17. Scars

    Any others Overdose on redpill?

    The odd thing is, it's more "natural" and in our primal instincts to treat them like A.. I think all this romance stuff is just social programming. If you get to the center of all this red pill stuff, it's basically just women acting out their animalistic desires.. and to win the game, men must...
  18. Scars

    Has red pill gone mainstream?

    I think Elon meant something entirely different with his red pill metaphor, but the fact that most of the comments are relating to dating/women is interesting.
  19. Scars

    How come once you fvck a girl they suddenly chase hard?

    Once you put your D in any of her holes, the dynamics completely change and you hold more power over her. Girls don't sleep with guys they're not interested in.. It means you were successfully able to press all of her buttons without fumbling, and in turn, she RESPECTS YOU a lot more now. You...
  20. Scars

    Persistence or next?

    I think it's situational and a lot of different variables are involved. I've broken a ton of DJ rules in my earlier days and was still able to get women. Rather than taking the knowledge as a concrete set of rules, they should be used as a "guideline", IMO. Indeed, some girls require a little...