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    Tinder and dating

    Why aren't you doing approaches knowing how bad websites are?
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    When a Woman Turns 27

    What a lot of the charts do is begin the female fertility age at a later age, usually at the age of 19, because they are SJWs who do not want to tell people the true biological age to have children. "uncivilized countries" that either do not enforce an age of consent or they do not have one show...
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    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    If you wonder if you are treating a woman too well or if she is treating you poorly, pretend she is a man and ask yourself is that behavior acceptable. Since you are sleeping with her (hopefully) upgrade her to a best friend or a good friend and ask yourself if you would still be their friend...
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    Spin plates for life?

    To add to this discussion, many of us sleep around then get tired of sleeping around. Then some of us "find god" or some other religious nonsense so we can justify that we are not the same anymore and want to find a Madonna and not a lillith of the madonna/hore complex. But that doesn't mean...
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    Am I a makeout buddy/cuddle *****?

    You were alone with her and had it all ready to go man. What happened? Did you try once and give up? How many times did you try? Just don't hang out with her unless shes alone with you and see her when you didn't plan it together or she will friendzone you. Her value is whatever you give her...
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    Wings in Chicago area

    wow this thread is dead! surprised people like river north, everything charges cover and its not even good! whos into metal or techno?
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    Tinder and dating

    They're old though aren't they? Very recently the quality has definitely declined, about 2 years ago it was easy for me to sleep with several girls every month. Every girl makes a POF, tinder, and okc at the same time. Have you tried tinder gold? My friend had it but he was super picky so he...
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    Tinder and dating

    That's exactly why im on tinder lol. My point is that older women are not a drop in replacement, I don't want them, at all. I can get women my age without making an account that costs money. I haven't resigned to make a paid profile that is for women who have lost their fertility and are ready...
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    Rich GF Tempting Me With Investment Opportunities

    why do you not want to live with her yet? don't trade the relationship for money, you will end up with neither. some couples move in together to save money, then their relationship degrades because it was not in the right phase to become that kind of relationship. do you see her as a business...
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    Tinder and dating

    did you read my post? i don't like older women. i don't see why i would pay to open a match account when i can just set my age limits higher.
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    Why don't women reply on Tinder to me?

    you don't stand out by being in one of her 300+ matches that didn't message her yet. doesn't matter what you say as long as you're attractive, i usually sent the same messages and its like the scams in nigeria, it screens for a girl that isn't just using you as her clown prince of...
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    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    it was old man, its outdated! why don't you work on something instead of these silly tricks? if it really worked it would be all over!
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    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    When was the article written? Do you have a link? I bet they were shilling a product.
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    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    Where did you read that?
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    Starting to disagree more and more with PUA tactics

    By looks what do you mean? Height, face and frame? Which order? I know I lack height so it kills me at the club, never been approached, I am not ugly but very unattractive to women. Tinder was a breaking point...
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    Is there any De-Alpha book?

    You aren't over her yet. Ask yourself why? Do you still want her back? If you still are thinking about that girl that much, isit because these other girls haven't given you anything that was better? Do love songs really do that? I listen to them all the time, I noticed that a lot of guys that...
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    Love the crazy women. What’s wrong with me?

    If there's no spark why bother trying?
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    When You Realize Why She's A Single Dime

    Whats wrong with herpes? Most people who have it don't know. Cold sores are herpes. I have herpes and aside from a tie to weak link to Alzheimer's (which is also called type 3 diabetes so we aren't exactly sure) I don't see any problem with it. Externally most people do not show signs of it.
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    Or he could just not deal with all those rules when there is no woman around to distract men. Women who are attractive disrupt work. There is no debating this, its just the way men are built. Why cause a problem and add solutions instead of not introducing a problem at all?
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    Tinder and dating

    I am getting old, I am 30, and girls on tinder do not really want to date guys that are older, when I put in a fake age I get way higher quality matches. I am thinking about going back to IRL dating, but because tinder has ruined me, it is very hard for me to start again. Has IRL dating been...