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    Allowing her to “miss” you

    Been seeing a lady for a month or so. Roughly 1-2 times weekly and usually lots of sex when together. Between dates she often texts me throughout the day and she initiates at least 75% of the time. I don’t text tooo much, just enough to not be cold and I make plans for next dates, etc. One...
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    Girl I’ve been dating told me she’s still married

    Seeing a girl for close to a month - started out once weekly, currently about twice weekly. Lots of sex, very passionate, shared interests, etc - I dig her. Our second date she told me she was married at 20 but has been separated for a few years- not a big deal I figured. I don’t care if a girl...
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    Choosing signals

    What are some common examples/what exactly are they? How do they differ in strangers vs someone you already know?
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    Positive self talk/self confidence

    What techniques or things do you practice for this? Ive found that occasionally, I lose touch with it. Specifically if things with a girl turn sour. For example, the other day I cut things off with a plate who started showing me her true side (needy, very selfish, borderline disrespectful at...
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    Girl I'm dating constantly giving me "s**t"

    Not in a bad way. Teasing, joking, light name calling - seemingly normal things, to me, in the early stages of a potential relationship and hooking up together. What isnt normal is that lately it is almost CONSTANT. Sometimes text, sometimes in-person. Nothing ever insulting or rejecting to me...
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    Plate went on vacation

    Been out with a girl 3 times, then she took a week long cruise vacation, so no communication during that period at all. On the last date before she left, we hooked up (3 times) after I took her to a casual dinner and out for an activity and drinks afterwards - she invited me in her condo for a...
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    “Are you up” text

    Been on 2 dates with a girl - lots of making out and touching but no sex yet. After our second date last night, dropped her off around midnight and went to bed. Woke up and saw she texted me at 4am, asking “Are you up?” How do you interpret this? Like she wanted to see me again late at night...
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    How often do you text your girl

    For any girl who is not brand new and is not your LTR gf. So, for girls youre beyond 2 dates with, but are not explicitly exclusive with: How often do you text them between your dates? I’m not huge on texting, but I’ve noticed one of the girls I’ve seen about 5 times is starting to initiate a...
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    Performance anxiety

    Hey everyone, Topic that circles around occasionally. But, do you have any strategies or techniques to avoid performance anxiety in bed? For me it has happened once or twice, usually with a girl when we did it for the first time. 2nd/3rd etc times it would never come up (is that a reverse pun...
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    Valentines day

    It’s here - VDay. how do you interact with girls you’ve been dating/plates on this day our around this day? specifically for those who don’t have a LTR girlfriend. I have a date tomorrow night with a girl I’ve seen a few times, then another after vday with a second girl who seems pretty into...
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    Texting between dates

    Girl I’ve seen twice has started initiating more with me between dates just getting text convo going, etc. We have a date planned for the weekend (making dinner at home together). She hit me up today asking about my weekend, exchanged a few texts, told her I want to hear about this story she...
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    Texting between dates

    Been on two good dates with a girl. End of last date she said she wanted to do dinner/movie at home together (likely my place). I have a 1 week trip out of town starting tomorrow, so there will be a little time between dates 2-3. She knows this too, that I’ll be gone for a week. What frequency...
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    Girl I've never met in person wants to fly to meet me for a weekend

    Basically what the title says. I was on vacation 3 months ago and matched this girl on Bumble. We messaged back and forth and eventually started texting. She said she wanted to come visit me in my hometown...15 hours by car or flying. We have texted randomly throughout the weeks but I made it...
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    What sort of distance would you call “too far” to date or have a plate with someone? for example, a girl I met a while back got in touch with me and said she wants to meet up for a date. However she lives like 2 hours away. Thoughts? Seems too far for me.
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    Second date apathy - advice for tonight

    So last Friday I was supposed to have a second date with a girl I met through a mutual friend. First date was fun - just drinks and conversation. She was cute enough and actually had a pretty fun personality. Two nights before last Friday, she asked to reschedule to this week due to a work...
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    Time for a break

    Well, I got ghosted on another second date opportunity (2 times in one month). I think I am going to take a short term break from attempting to date (2-3 weeks only). Sure, if an opportunity arises, I will take it up, but I won't be seeking out new date opportunities in this time. I already...
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    First date - girl initiates the physical touch aspect

    First date at a bar, seated side by side. Girl kept crossing her legs, towards me, and resting one of her legs against mine, almost the entire time. During convo when I would tease or joke she would touch my arm, more than once. Seems like high interest. Date was relatively short, pulled her...
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    Marijuana use and game

    I live in the US - in a state where recreational marijuana is entirely legal. Many of my good friends use it regularly and I have randomly as well, but it’s more of a special occasion thing (with buddies chillin/etc), and not daily for me, like it is for them. I notice that if we are getting...
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    For those that are advocates or have tried it, do you notice a legitimate confidence boost like many talk about? Or do you think it’s largely placebo? Also, I’m curious if you noticed changes in other aspects of your life. For example, if you go to the Nofap forums, it’s all raving how it’s...
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    When a girl texts you day after a date

    Had a good first date last night. Kissed a few times, she initiated touching me first. We chatted about perhaps getting out this weekend to a new bar in town. Girl texted me today, saying it was fun and thanking me. DJs - do you take this chance to make the next date? For example, I’d probably...