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    Tricky Situation

    Hi Guys, I've got myself it a real tricky situation and i'm really struggling with the whole thing, i'm hoping to write it all down and by getting some impartial advise it will help. Quick overview, I met a girl, we were together for 3 years absolutely perfect, but we split up as she kept...
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    What to do in this situation?

    Hi Guys, About 2 months back met a girl on a night out, and got her number. She seemed interested in me so after the weekend I arranged a date. We have been seeing each other since then. So far she seems most like what i would want in a women; she is up for fun, likes all my dates, good in...
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    Hi Guys, I have a situation and just wanted a few opinions. I split up with my ex (of 13months) just over a month ago we didnt speak for 2 weeks, then started talking again, slept together a few times for about 1 1/2 weeks. then didnt speak for about 10 days. We have had a conversation...
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    Modros Self Improvement

    Hi I have been absent from the site for a while and want to get back on the right track. Quick background: Found this site a few years ago and slowly improved got into a relationships stayed away from here made mistakes and learned from them and came back here to work on things i did...
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    time to be worried?

    My mate gets a text of an unknown number says some random bs not meant for him. he asks me to check the number in my phone, i ring it but nothing comes up from my address lists. i hang up before it starts ringing. I get a few texts saying what u want? why did u ring me? i check...
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    Online sites

    Curious what good ones are about I have just Plenty of Fish at the moment but 99% of people within 25 miles of myself are flat out a disgrace on there. Facebook i use purley for friends hot or not and myspace arnt really those type of sites. so are there anymore free ones like plenty...
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    Ganji Games

    Thought i would try this with my ex, basically wanted to know a few details, we broke up because i made her IL drop and eventually it was game over needy clingy too avaliable etc, that was mid january and a bit after. A month later I basically had a good conversation on the phone,then bumped...
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    Before During after work out

    I go to the gym, looking to build about 10lbs of muscle, I have worked out at home for 3 weeks then joined a gym and do just upperbody weights atm, I will be starting to add lower body (had a dead leg and an injury from football so left that)for the first week and a half at the gym) i have...
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    Modro's Self Improvement Quest!

    I am here to finally sort myself out for good, I have become tired of myself being nice guy who tries to help people all the time but never does things for himself. I am now on a personal quest to maximise my potential as a man. Recently i broke up with my now ex Girlfriend. (here are the...
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    Getting over a relationsip

    Well i previously posted my situation and it was clear me and my girlfriend didnt have a chance, she was calm and just told me after i spoke about my stuff and said she loves and respects me but doesnt love me romantically anymore. We were like best friends and i loved her she treated me real...
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    Saving it?

    Hi guys, Hope your all doing good, anyway i had been going out with this girl for 11 months, she came after me and seemed so perfect in everyway. So easy to talk to nice very good looking and not a ***** at all. She had some problems though, which made her have panic attacks if she went too...
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    Relationship problem

    Hi guys Me and my gf are having problems and i want to sort it out, in the long run if i just leave it here it feel it would be a mistake. we broke up in mid Jan for 2 weeks got back together for 3 weeks and broke up again (Next month is our year anniversary), i tried to get her back, by...
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    A little advice

    Me and my girlfriend just broke up after 10 months, the reasons is she claims to wants to be on her own. She then mentioned that she feels that i dont treat her well (i sometimes get frustrated from work, but generally i'm not an ******* or anything). Normally if we had a falling out we would...
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    Getting set up, Good or Bad?

    Basically i have been single for a very long time in my eyes. At the moment nothing is really coming togther but i've made huge steps from where i was. My mate whos been single for a while also, managed to get one of my other friends Girlfrend to set him up with someone. She hangs around...
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    weird situation

    Bascially a girl gave me her number, then my friend added it as well after me (he did this twice that night) so i txt her about a week later no reply so i do nothing. Then i get a txt saying that she had no credit about 5 days after to cut a long story short she wanted to know if i am out...
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    what would u do?

    I met this girl about an 8 while out on friday. She was a little drunk (not wasted) and i was on the buzz she randomly ruffled up my hair twice. I got talking to her and she gave me her number. I tried txting on sunday and she hasnt replied and its mid day monday. shall i ring her or just leave...
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    Asking Out a Co Worker

    Hi new to the site, some good stuff =) Heres my story of woe. I work at a supermarket im 18 i've been single now for like 2 years mostly by choice,in that time i asked out 1 girl who just wanted to be friends. Any way there is a girl at work 10/10 perfect i've admired her from afar for like a...