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    Husband stays with wife during cancer treatment, she dumps him after to slut it up

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/entertainment/dying-for-sex-podcast-follows-terminal-cancer-patient-sexcapades.amp So, if this article is to be believed, the husband stays with her through chemo, double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, etc. The cancer comes back and she dumps...
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    What is a man’s “responsibility”?

    This question arose from another discussion this morning. I thought it warranted a thread of its own. @Medina stated: “He’s an immature fool and these “men” run like cowards from responsibility.” The context for that statement was that the woman a man was involved with wanted a...
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    Hypergamy in Action

    Below is a link to Rollo’s current post. It’s an interesting read. The gist of it is a married woman, who, aided and supported by her fertility doctor, arranges to get pregnant with the sperm of the guy she’s cuckolding her husband with...
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    Women literally have the power to decide who lives or dies

    Hat tip to @DEEZEDBRAH for mentioning this in another thread. Women have absolute power via abortion to decide who lives & who dies. They have the ultimate power to decide if a man’s offspring get to survive. The father has zero say or influence in this situation. Imagine if men had the...
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    Scaramouche still around?

    Does anyone know if scaramouche is still around? Been a long time since I’ve seen him on here. -Augustus-
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    Hypergamy has no age limit

    A woman my girlfriend has worked with for about 10 years has been with her boyfriend about 3 years. He’s 63, she’s 59. Prior to about 6 months ago, she was extremely depressed. Had been depressed for over a year. But the boyfriend stayed with her through all of it. Did the “right thing”...
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    How some women “commit” in an LTR

    Below is a link to a blog entry on RPG that has a very interesting comment from a poster named Yareally. The comment was originally posted on therationalmale.com. It’s a little long, but worth the read. And while some of it may not be a revelation, the way Yareallly writes about it is...
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    BeExcellent: "Nothing short of marriage is exclusive to be perfectly honest"

    @BeExcellent stated this in another thread: "Nothing short of marriage is exclusive to be perfectly honest". Perhaps BE and some of the other women who post here would care to comment and enlighten us about why a woman would feel this way. Why would a woman state this? What is the reasoning...
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    Why was the "Would you date a single mom with 3 kids..." Thread closed?

    Just curious. Why was that thread closed? -Augustus-
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    If you are considering marriage, this is a must read

    Facts: Have been divorced for almost 4 years after 30 years of marriage. In FL, with that length of marriage you can potentially get divorced raped for lifetime alimony. Hired a good lawyer (and paid dearly for it) and got a judgment of 5 years durational alimony at $1000 a month (I posted...
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    Ex GF, Righteous Karma, 1 Year Later

    Background to set the stage: I broke up with my Ex Girlfriend approximately one year ago. She wanted to get married, I didn't. However, I was committed to the relationship. We had even discussed a commitment ceremony. I was paying all the rent at the house we lived in, providing health care...
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    Approaching the End

    A question for the Red Pill guys who have decided to never marry (Poon King, Deesade, etc.). What do you think the future holds for you as an old guy (70's, 80's)? For example, do you anticipate that you'll keep spinning plates until you die? I ask this because I've been mulling it over for...
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    But... She never dreamed about being a Wife

    A woman I know (who was married and now divorced for a while) made a very interesting statement the other day. She said that when she was a little girl, she dreamed about having a wedding and having children. But.. she never dreamed about being a wife. She went on to say she knew that in...
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    Must Read: The real truth about the Red Pill

    I know that this post might get deleted and that the moderators might ban me. BUT I DON'T CARE! SOMEONE has to tell the truth about that mean, evil red pill and gosh darn it, I'm just enough of a modern liberated man to do it! Better sit down before you read any further, it's gonna get really...
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    The Future for YOLO Hot Chicks

    So, I'm out last night with my girlfiend. There's a group of way post wall women there. I wouldn't even say they were MILF's, we're talking GILF territory. 50+ age group. Their behaviour was almost exactly the same as a group of younger women. Slutty dancing, the whole "We are the party"...
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    The Marriage Hamster

    After being with my Ex GF for about 2 years, she dropped the marriage bomb. I told her that I believed in commitment, I believed in love, but that I didn't believe in marriage anymore (I'd been married previously and am still paying alimony). With No fault divorce and the way the family courts...
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    Women encourage other women to slut it up

    The current woman I'm seeing is 46. Her N count is under 10 ( I know, I know, could be understating the number). She wasn't doing much dating after her last breakup and before she met me. During that time, One of her friends who she met about 3 years ago advised her that she needed to get...
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    Divorce party? WTF?

    The girl I'm seeing has been invited to a divorce party/celebration. In this case, It's a women only event to celebrate the divorce of one of the women in this group of friends. Maybe I'm stuck in the past and totally behind the times, But I can remember when divorce was viewed as a tragic...
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    Rules To Live By

    While doing a post mortem review in the aftermath of the break up of a 5 year relationship in December, I made a list of rules with regard to women and relationships. I'm sure a lot of this has been posted elsewhere, but it was helpful for me to put it into a single document to review every...
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    Affection... Very surprising Feeling

    I've been seeing this girl for about two months. Looks wise, she's about a 6. And she's always DTF. Here's the thing: It feels really great to hold her when we're in bed together. She snuggles right up to me and lays on my shoulder . More than once we've both fallen asleep like that. And to...