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    Is there anybody respected on this board that would be willing to help me. I plan on starting up clubbing again. I'd like to post to him/her field reports. What do you think?
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    Only want sex...

    How do you deal with girls who say, "All you want is sex." This girl I fvcked about 5 times, said I was using her for sex. She said I could not screw another women. She told a bunch of people I know she said I was evil and such. Since she had a big mouth, the people who listened to her think...
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    Throwing Huge Parties

    What does it take to throw, huge parties. I'd like to learn this. Maybe have a party of 30 people. I am not the greatest, at making friends. What would be a good first step.
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    Being Popular

    How do you judge how well you are doing? Is it based on how many times you are laid? I believe I have improved, since I first came on here. However, I think I need to accomplish more. I have been laid by one girl, we have had sex maybe 4-5 times. What do you think? Maybe, you could also...
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    A couple of months ago this girl told me she wanted to do a threesome with me and this other girl I used to date. It didn't happen because I didn't really feel like it at the time. Now, I have decided I'd like to do it now. When she found out that I wanted to do it with her, she said no...
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    Being a Jerk

    Is there an art to being a jerk, a certain way to be dominant. People think I am an nice guy, they're right. I am too nice. However, if you are being dominant does that mean you should care less about people. Also wouldn't you create a lot of conflict, especially in the workplace? I like to...
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    How get opinions from people, such as asking for someone's opinion if you are humble? I'd rather not get a white answer lie. I am improving, but I used to have most people be unfriendly towards me at first. If I were to ever ask if, I was humble they'd tell me I am.
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    Living by a college town

    Hi, I am 26 years old, and I live by a college town. I'd like to still meet girls, however I am getting old. How can you meet girls when you get older?
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    Getting Laid

    There is this girl who was my girlfriend 6 months ago. We broke up, and I have decided I am not ready for a girlfriend. However, a couple of days a go we agreed to have sex this weekend. She would also, invite some girls to join. However, for some reason she had the thought we would get back...
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    How to you deal with stuck-up people

    I live a by a prestigious University and where people only care about themselves. People don't seem to care about me. People drive by sometimes with their head up in the air. How do you react to someone sticking their nose up in the air?
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    Big Ego's

    Hey, I have a big ego, or at least that is what some people on this forum have said. When I was asking for advice people said I was arrogant, and that is why people are not friendly. How can you, judge yourself, compared to others your arrogance. I asked some people, and they said was...
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    Being too Positive

    Is there such a thing as being too positive, do you need to be negative sometimes? Is realistic, being negative? I have failed over and over in my life, because of mental illness and depression. I have never been laid. Should I be harsh on myself, people are mean to me because I mess up...
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    How to improve quicker?

    I haven't improved much on the six years I have been on this site. I have improved a little a little, I had a girlfriend for about a month(who suffers from mental illness). I broke up later, because I ran into other problems in my life(depression) where I couldn't date. I never got laid or...
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    People being nice.

    I have come to a point to where I realize where I think people are too nice to me. I can't, pick-up the non-verbal communication signals. People say, good things about me, to where I get an ego. Then when, I actually go about, trying to meet girls, I am unsuccessful. I don't want people...
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    Whatever, happened to him? Will, he ever be back?? I'd really, like to talk to him, but I don't want to, bother him if he is sick of helping. So, let me know the status, of Pook. Thanks, James N.
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    Hey, Is it normal for people, to be unfriendly at first? I am an extremely good looking guy, and I kind of expected people, to be friendly. However, they are not. Not unless, you have some kind of connection. Such as knowing a friend of thiers or something, like that? I thought, people...
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    Getting Help

    I was wondering. Since, I am not a very popular guy, but would like to improve. How would I find, a good wingman, or a free coach, or somebody decent to improve with girls. I try to make friends, with cool guys, that might help me with girls, but it hasn't been very successful. If I, try...
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    If a girl calls you a buddy, what does that mean? Does that mean, she is only wanting to be friends? If so, what should I do? I don't think I want a girl, if she only thinks of me as a friend. I just think I might want to ditch her. Should you ever be friends, with a girl? Also...
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    Starting up a new bootcamp?

    I'd really like to improve my skills. I think, I have a lot to work on. I have been rejected by girls, a lot. Never have, been laid. I read some of the bible, however, when I approached, I got rejected. I had some success making out with girls, but, I think I need some guidance when I do...
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    Signals from women

    I have a question, for probably those of you who get laid. If a women that you see in a club, gives you eye contact and smiles, how much interest does she have in you? Also, what constitutes as good eye contact, 3-5 seconds? How often, do women give you eye contact. Also, if she gives you...