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    What's your take on it? I have my wife and from time to time she feels to tell me about her drama with her friends. I tend to just listen and not say anything until shes finished and asks me what I think and always i just say "i agree" then the subject changes. That a good way to deal with...
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    Harvey Weinsteins lawyer

    Whatever you may think of harvey, his lawyer seems to be dropping some truth bombs. One of the things she says is "men have no power in the justice system." And that the women that stood up against Harvey are guilty of making him feel as though they loved him etc. That they are lying as...
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    Ive made an observation and please correct me if im wrong as I dont think my theory is 100%. Anytime you have made a mistake or not, as a guy you should NEVER apologies. What ive noticed is that many men cheat and a lot of the times when the girl finds out she goes berzerk. This follows up...
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    My wife and her wandering eyes

    I have been on a LDR with this girl for almost 4 years. We are married for almost 2 months now which means she has been living with me for 2 months. Now I married this woman on the basis that 1) she is a virgin and 2) she was, to my understanding, somewhat innocent. Having been up close with...