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    How to handle a wife

    How to handle relationship when you are married? Actually this bothers me and affect my entire life, i think I’m pressured on what should be done everyday when I’m with her and when I’m not. I’m bored and I know she feel this too. I want some actions but I don’t know how? How do I spend my...
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    Married DJ

    Hey guys, just want all of you to know that i'm married.... i want to have kids... I want to experience to be the backbone in my family, of course... But being a married man is not really easy, i dont know what to do or guidelines for not to have broken family. If you have any advice, pls...
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    Woman's character

    Basically most women we find attractive are a hottie. But I’ve met someone who is totally my type. She has this character who like rock bands, knows arts (actually she graduated of fine arts), like to watch movies, and most of all she is boyish. What if, you’ve met a woman who is not...
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    never try to save a girl

    As i am reading the article "Never try to save a girl" i remember this GF of mine. She has unfair family background, her parents divorce because her mother cheated on his father. Her father felt down with the situation, he also forgot that he has kids that love him. Otherwise, he put all the...
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    Good Conversationalist!!!

    One of the most important characters being a DJ is to be a good conversationalist. To be a listener, is to have a lot of starting question to ask that can be interesting. So most probably, you want her to ask about her interest. The problem with me is, I don’t know how to ask an interesting...
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    good looks

    just wonderin 'bout the character of most women. Do we need to admire their looks by telling them how pretty they are? Think this is conflict in the DJ Bible..... how and what is the proper way?
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    One of the DJ tips, is to not help a girl for her behavior. Could it be possible if sometimes we help them? There was this girl who I know has a low self-esteem, she wants every person she met to understand her situation. And also, her childish character reflects to be easily manipulated...
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    I met this girl who doesn’t believe in God’s existence, an atheist. I let her speak about her principle being an atheist. But when I started to explain she totally freaking out. My conclusion is that she is being manipulated by someone who have family problems and just pretending to be an...
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    anyone can help pls

    We had a conversation last night and I told her that she might not need me so I should now leave her. She's got mad and told me that why am I acting like this, and she ask what seems to be the problem and she felt confused. After a few minutes, I felt sorry for myself that I’m doing this to her...
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    GF character

    What will you do if you’re GF always depending on you? She always wants me to help her with regards to school projects. But I dun no if she is impress with my abilities. I also don’t know if she is depending on me as man or she just wants to manipulate me? For God sake, I’m so tired...
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    website of women

    this site is the best for being a DJ, but i got to know something. i want a combination of sosuave and the site for the women. i want to know what they are thinking about us. Is there anyone here have an idea what their website address? Thanks in advance!
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    Girl with a car

    guyz, what if your girl have a car and your only have a motorbike. This is not comportable with me, its like my ego is going down. What should i do? She may not ride with my bike again, does she?
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    A message to MR. POOK and to those who have a great tips with LTR

    just wanna ask something about LTR...... is it ok to be funny (c&f) whenever she's with me or even in the phone? -- just to prove that i'm confident at all times. and telling her stories or anything that comes in my mind so as not to bored her? what should be a man's character when you are...
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    Eyebugs! Eyebugs! Eyebugs!

    Is there a way to treat it? The black spot around our eyes. This makes me look old. As an alternative treatment, I put sliced cucumber on top my eye but still unable to remove it.
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    pls give advice, this is the continuation of critisim

    guyz! got a problem i change my mind being with this GF of mine. This morning i was checking her mailbox to fix her file attachment and accidentally i click the deleted items. You know what? i saw her email to his lover. see below Vincent, So how's my friend? If your wondering its me...
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    Can i ask you people, have you experienced being criticized by your friends including your parents, brothers and sisters? What will you do? Pls reply…. this is important to me! :mad:
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    temper is it important?

    I know that MAN should control to his temper, does it mean at all times? What if it is reasonable? ----------------- This girl wants me mad for all times of my life. Her comments, suggestions, wants,… all of this sucks me. She is being self-centered. Maybe she thinks I cannot do this, I...
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    what are the traits of being a man?

    I know that MAN should control to his temper, does it mean at all times? What if it is reasonable? ----------------- This girl wants me mad for all times of my life. Her comments, suggestions, wants,… all of this sucks me. She is being self-centered. Maybe she thinks I cannot do this, I...
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    living in one roof

    What are the consequences for you and your gf while living in one roof? - I cannot do things that I want. - I’m not happy but maybe I am, I dunno… - What else? :rolleyes: reply would be appreciated
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    patience, do we need it?

    As a mature dj's, do we need to be patient when your girl is hardheaded in an LTR? A little bit confusing, because I don’t know if I get mad on her or be patient. Sometimes I thought living her. I know that being a man should be patient at all times but my question is do we need it...